DISCOVER Fresno Agro Forestry and Eco Tourist Campsite – Read this Travel Guide before you visit!

TANAY, RIZAL is a place I’ll never get tired of visiting. Last September, 2019, I achieved a climb of 560 MASL with a combination of trekking, mountain and rock climbing without the use of any harness or special mountain climbing gears. This was an achievement unlock at the age of 41! Read the full story at

We were invited again to see a new tourist attraction at Tanay, with only an idea of a hike and a campsite but we were in for a great surprise! Come and read along and discover another amazing Tanay Hane Adventure!

Entrance marker Fresno Agro Forestry and
Eco Tourist Campsite


Location: Sitio Maysawa Brgy. Laiban/Cuyambay, Tanay, Rizal

Fresno Agro Forestry and Eco Tourist Campsite is the newest Hiking destination in Tanay, Rizal, owned by an IP named Mr. Mabini Dela Sada, and Merly ( a native Dumagat), developed and managed by Reynaldo Zapanta Fresno.

The advocacy of Fresno Agro is to provide livelihood programs to the Indigenous People from the (10) Mountains in different Barangays of Tanay , recognized to be an Ancestral domain, including non-IPs. Fresno Agro also promotes Eco – Tourism in the Municipality of Tanay. One of the advocacies of Fresno Agro Forestry, are :

Livelihood enhancement, preservation of the beauty of the mountains and to save our Mother Earth were among the advocacies of Fresno Agro Forestry. In coordination with the DENR, Fresno Agro started planting fruit bearing trees. You will also see that 90% of their employees are natives or “Katutubo” as well as 100% “Katutubo” serves as tour guides.

Mr. Reynaldo Fresno, developer of Fresno Agro Forestry

Things to do at Fresno❤

1. HIKING – Mt. Kulis and Mt. Sambong

To see the beauty of nature is to walk thru it – literally walk and climb up the mountains. There are 2 mountains to hike at Fresno – Mt. Kulis and Mt. Sambong.

Mt. Kulis

Mt. Kulis is the first mountain that will greet you at Fresno. It is a climb of 629 MASL (Meters above sea level). The mountains at Fresno is a hill type climb with narrow rough roads, and edges. Do not be fooled by the look of it as it is tiring once you are uphill. Ooopppsss, you can cheat climbing as a tricycle ride can take you uphill for just P20 for group of 3. The key to riding the trike is to put heavy bags at the back of the trike and put your weight it front. Though you will think that riding a tricycle is easier but your adrenaline will start to rush as you start braving the rough road ahead, plus get ready to brave the bumpy ride uphill. You might even consider walking for fear of getting thrown. But don’t worry, the tricycle drivers are all natives of the place so getting you up and down the steep hill would be easy. Cars are also allowed to go up (provided that there are available parking space). Mountain bikes, motorcycles, SUVs, Pick-up, sedan are also allowed. You have to be wary though of you and your vehicle’s capacity in climbing rough road terrain as there are no car/motor repair shops nearby.

Getting on top of Mt. Kulis by trekking is an achievement itself, but the hike is worth it. On top of Mt. Kulis you will be greeted by an incredible sight where I was urged to sing one of the Trapp Family’s “Sound of Music”. Everywhere you look there are green and mountains!

Mt. Sambong will be your second destination. Located at the back of Mt. Kulis is Mt. Sambong. As the name suggests there are a generous number of sambong plants in the area. Sambong is a native plant that is known for its healing properties for urinary, kidney, and hypertension problems. Climbing Mt. Sambong will just take you 3 minutes, but again you have to be prepared for a steep, rocky, up climb ahead. It is not advisable for elderly people specially on a hot weather. Parents should also take necessary precautions when taking kids on this hike. As there are rock formations on a cliff, perfect for instagram shoot and “buwis buhay shot” but a very dangerous area.

2. TREKKING – Noah’s Ark

After Mt. Sambong the guide will guide you to Noah’s Ark. Hiking to Noah’s Ark is optional. Getting there will take you 30 to 45 minutes depending on your pace. You have to be physically fit before embarking because the trail involves mountainous slopes, rocky and grassy areas. It is best if you start hiking at 5am to be at the summit around 6am perfect for the Sea of clouds.

Noah’s Ark

3. Achieve your squad goals at the SPIDER WEB

You might want to try the giant spider web before hiking up Mt. Sambong. The giant spider web is made of nylon ropes. To climb over I suggest you wear your rubber shoes before finally removing your shoes as you crawl thru the web. As the name suggests, it is best if you crawl like a spider to reach the center of the web. Then ask Manong (the tour guide) for your best IG shots.

4. Experience the thrill of riding a toro-toro

Going to Campsite B (Lion Falls, Flower Garden, Hanging Bridge, Twin Mountains) requires you to ride a toro-toro (a makeshift 4×4 vehicle), unless you want to tire yourself from the long walk. Riding on top of it will make you scream, you have to hold on tight. You have to try to feel the thrill!

5. Spider Hanging Bridge

The 1st drop for Campsite B is the Flower Garden but since we were so tired we opt to make it our last drop. It was a bumpy ride going to the Hanging Bridge. Once there, the view is breath taking. It is a perfect place for your pre-nup shoots, emo, or whatever you would want to call it. Be careful though as you would just hold on to the ropes designed as webs. I didn’t attempt to cross the bridge I just stayed at the middle haha! Only a maximum of 7 persons are allowed this is for safety purposes.

📸 Olan Chikka

6. Enjoy the view of the Twin Mountains

So once you are in the Hanging Bridge, be mindful to take a look around and you will see the Twin Mountains. The thing I love the most at Fresno is the breathtaking views of green landscapes everywhere.

7. See the Mini-River Falls

8. Swim at the Lion House Falls

It will take you 20 minutes to trek your way to the Lion House Falls. Going there will require you to step on rocks and steep vertical ladders. Once there, you will be greeted with a natural swimming pool with just the right level of coldness for you to dunk in. Kids can swim at the side where the water falls, make sure that adults supervises them well as there are areas that are 6ft deep.

Feel the cool waters at Lion House Falls

9. Flower Garden

This site was our last drop off for our guided tour. The Flower Garden is a man made heart garden shape. It have colorful and beautiful flowers. Depending on how you project a pose you could create different angles and beautiful photoshoots. Try shooting for pre-nup poses or relive your younger days.

10. Play with ducks and chickens

While waiting for our ride back to the Registration area, we noticed a flock of ducks and chickens. So, we kill the time by playing around, they love to go near people, trying their luck for some food. While waiting, we did some jump shot (haha! We still have some energy lol). And Conan, my little boy, suddenly screamed — the reason – the ducks came near him 😂


As we are staying here for an overnight, we reached the Registration area at 6pm and decided that we will have dinner there. We were served with “Siningang na Baboy“, “Papaitan”, and Pork menudo. We opt to leave the car at the Parking area near the Registration then had a tricycle ride going up again at Mt. Kulis. It was a horse back ride as you should hold on tight and place your weight in front of the vehicle, with heavy bags at the back and boys at the backride. The tricycle can only accommodate up to 3 persons, for safety purposes. We had the option to stay at “Cardo Dalisay’s” kubo but we chose to use the tents. Sleeping in tents is a perfect way to feel the cool weather and the “camping”.

The weather is cold but tolerable. We didn’t chose to pitch at the Mt. Sambong since it is too high up and there are no comfort rooms around. But upon seeing the Sea of Clouds, I wished I should have chosen the Mt. Sambong tent area.

12. Star gazing

This is one of the attractions here but of course it will depend on the current weather. On our stay, there weren’t so much stars but it was alright, since we were also too tired to gaze at the stars.

13. Sea of clouds

We were so blessed that the Sea of Clouds appeared. It was literally a sea of clouds, as the fog is so high that it even reaches the tents near us. The sea of clouds envelopes Mt. Sambong and Noah’s Ark. It appeared at 4am then lasted until 7:30am. It is a marvelous site! Someone even exclaimed: “We even went so far at Kalinga, Apayao just to experience sea of clouds, but here look just a few hours from Manila and the cool weather is so tolerable, that I actually enjoy viewing.”

The Sea of Clouds is a natural beauty to behold. It sends a calming feeling. It was really beautiful!

14. Sight seeing

Hiking here at Fresno are all but optional. If your not into hiking, you will still enjoy the beauty of the place by just sight seeing on top of Mt. Kulis. The best place to stay and see the view is at the back dining area of the “Kainan sa Mt. Kulis.”

15. Act like Cardo Dalisay and Alyana

You may also take photos of “Bahay ni Cardo Dalisay”, the nipa hut where the long running tv show “Ang Probinsyano” took place.

16. Dine in at Kainan sa Mt. Kulis

Don’t be mistaken, there are no fancy restaurants here. If you want to try authentic “Dumagats dishes”, (native Tanay cuisine), try it here at the kainan beside “Cardo Dalisay’s” nipa hut.

17. Go Mountain Biking

We asked ourselves, can mountain bikes go up here? Then, suddenly, a group of bikers showed up! So the answer is Yes, Bikes can go up 😃


📌A. Sight Seeing
Php 100 per head
– Mt. Kulis
– Mt. Sambong

B. Hiking
Php 150 per head
– Mt. Kulis
– Mt. Sambong
– Noah’s Ark

📌A. Swimming & Hiking
Php 100 per head
-Lion House Falls
– Twin Mountain
– Mini-River Falls

📌B. Sight Seeing
Php 150 per head
– Hanging Bridge
– Flower Garden
– Lion House Falls

📌Day Trip Tour package:
Php 200/pax 4:00AM to 3:00PM
📌Day Trip Tour package with Hike, all destination including Hanging
Bridge and Spider Web : Php 300/pax
📌Overnight Tour Package with Hike and all destination: PHP 350/pax
*4:00PM to 1:00PM


⛺Kubo Rental
Day Trip : PHP 2,500.00
Overnight : PHP 3,500.00
(Good for 6)
⛺Kubo Rentals Near the Falls
Daytour Trip : PHP 500
Overnight: PHP 1000
(Good for 3)
⛺Kubo Rental Talahib
Day Trip : PHP 1,500.00
Overnight : PHP 1,500.00
(Good for 4)

*Kubo rental includes beddings

⛺Tent Pitching
Php 150

⛺Tent Rentals Php 400 (Good for 2) Php 600 (Good for 4)



  • Required for Noah’s Ark and Lion House Falls
  • Php 500 up to 7pax


Cooked foods, snacks, drinks are available at the Registration area and at Mt. Kulis. You can order a Tapsilog or tocilog for just P100. You also have the option of “paluto”, just ask Ate Janice at the Mt. Kulis.


  • No room accommodation, the place is purely a campsite
  • Open 24/7
  • Keep trash in its proper place
  • Do not leave cigarette butts, let’s maintain and protect the environment
  • Bonfires is not allowed
  • Barbeque is not allowed
  • The option for cooking is to bring a butane stove or request a “paluto” at the Kainan

Things to bring -you may check this list for things that will make your stay pleasurable

📌Jogging pants if you are staying overnight
📌Sports shirt
📌OOTD outfit *optional
📌Powerbank (there is no electricity in the area, only solar panels run the street lights and Kainan
📌Memory Card
📌Water (with ALKAROCK for your portable alkaline water, message me on this for info) 📌Snacks, candies, food 📌Jacket


How to get there:
🚐From Araneta Cubao (in front of Gateway Mall, along Aurora Ave), ride a jeepney (PHP 25 pesos) or van (PHP 35 pesos) going Cogeo Gate 2. Proceed to Cogeo Market (Blue and white building). Ride a jeepney (PHP 45 pesos, first trip 5:AM) going Sampaloc and ask the driver to drop you off at Sitio Maysawa.
🚐From Sitio Maysawa waiting shade, you can take a walk to Fresno Agro Forestry and Eco Tourist Campsite for 20 to 30 minutes, but you can also ride a tricycle for PHP 150 per way

Private Car 🚘

Just search Fresno Agro Forestry and Eco Tourist Campsite at Google Maps or Waze🔍

Fresno Agro Forestry and Eco Tourist Campsite
Sitio Maysawa Brgy, Tanay, Rizal
📞0999 553 4449

For more info, message them at the ff. Facebook page

DOT Tourism Tanay
Dr. Jeff Pino
📞 0998.9881590 / 87361059

Enjoying nature is 💯 stress reliever. Our experience was beyond my expectations. Enjoy the beauty, breathe in the fresh air. Be recharged, refreshed at Fresno Agro Forestry and Eco Tourist Campsite!

Our Sample Itinerary

MARCH 7, 2020 Saturday

  • 11am – Registration Area
  • 11:15am – Lunch
  • 11:50am – Started Hiking Mt. Kulis
  • 12NN – Mt. Kulis Peak
  • Freshen up at Bahay ni Cardo Dalisay
  • 12:10 – Spider Web
  • 12:25pm – Mt. Sambong
  • 12:30pm – Start trek to Noah’s Ark
  • 1:30pm – Noah’s Ark Summit
  • 2pm – Back to Registration area
  • 2:10pm – Ride toro-toro going to Hanging Bridge
  • 2:20pm – Hanging Bridge
  • 2:30pm – Started trek to Lions House Falls
  • 2:50pm – Arrived Lion’s House Falls
  • 4pm – Trek back to waiting area
  • 4:30pm – Ride auv going back to Registration area
  • 5pm – Stop by at Flower Garden
  • 5:15pm – Rode back going to Reception area
  • 5:45pm – Arrived Reception
  • 6:30pm – Freshen up, Dinnertime
  • 7pm – Back to Mt Kulis Camp
  • 10pm – lights off

March 8, 2020

  • 4:30am – Wake up, check Sea of Clouds
  • 5am to 7 am – Photo ops, enjoyed Sea of Clouds
  • 7:10am – Breakfast
  • 8am – 10am – More pictorial / Ready for check out


I would love to hear your thoughts at the comment section.

After checking out at Fresno, we headed to El Patio Razon for a refreshing Kawa Bath (full details soon). This is located just a few blocks from Fresno, you could walk your way to El Patio.

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Disclosure: This tour is courtesy of Mr. Fresno of Fresno Agro Forestry. However, this article is written with my own opinions, thoughts and insights.

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Yoki’s Farm – What you need to know and why you should pay a visit

Farm tour is one of the activities our family loves to do. Last year alone, we have visited around 5 farms. And this time, we visited a surprisingly unique farm in Mendez, where almost all of what we love to do are rolled into one farm experience!

Tagaytay tour itineraries seem to be the same over and over and this wo nderful farm may be a sweet addition to your travel list.

So what did we discovered at Yoki’s Farm? And why you should include this on your next Metro-Tagaytay itinerary, find out here:

Yoki’s Farm

📍Located at 003 Tabluan Road, Palocpoc 1, Mendez, Cavite

📍 Contact (046) 4097527, 09178079588 / 0464097527

📍 E-mail

📍 Like their fb page at Yoki’s Farm

FARM MAP Conan is excited to explore!

Yoki’s farm is a 10-hectare farm brainchild and owned by Mr. Wilson Ong nicknamed Yoki founded in 1996. Right now, only 4-hectare of it are used for tours, the other parts of the farm are still off limits to guests. It is the biggest hydroponic farm in CALABARZON and managed by his son. Plans for development like having additional playgrounds for children and a resort are on its way and which we can expect in the future.

Kids enjoyed their learning of hydroponics farming. Yoki’s farm is the biggest hydroponics farm in CALABARZON

Touring Yoki’s Farm

1. Hydroponics Farm – Hydroponics farming fans will surely enjoy their visit at the largest hydroponics farm at Calabarzon which is the Yoki’s Farm. Hydroponics is a subset of hydroculture, which is a method of growing plants without soil by instead using mineral nutrient solutions in a water solvent. In Yoki’s they grow their plants in coconut husks. The tour has a 15-minute orientation to learn about hydroponics farming.

Yoki’s farm is the largest Hydrophonics Farm in Calabarzon


You can pick and pay for just Php 100, and pay Php 200/kilo of Lettuce varieties


Violet lettuce variety

These lettuce are grown from coconut husks and of course water.

2. Vegetation of all types – we saw a variety of vegetation growing in the farm this includes tomatoes, cucumbers, papaya, bittermelon (ampalaya), Chilli, among others.

magtanim ay di biro
Papaya, ampalaya and other vegetables

3. Mulberry Trees – We were amazed at how big their mulberry fruits are, indicating the rich soil of the farm.

Stop and pick some mulberry fruits as you tour around the farm

Mulberry tree

4. Orchidarium and  ornamental plants – Yoki Farm grows orchids and they sell it too!



5. Aviary – the farm showcases different collections of birds, dwarfed chickens, peacocks, parrots are just a few of their aviary collections.

Golden Pheasant


Lady Amheist Peasant
Lady Amheist Peasant Origin: China, Myanmar

Common Peafowl


As if entertaining the guests, the common peafowl showed off her feathers

A peacock at the Buddah Museum displaying her majestic feathers

They have a display of different colored variety of parrots

There are different varieties of birds in these aviaries, and small chickens are roaming around the area too!

6. Reptile Park

Tortoise their shells are really hard!

Albino Burmese Python

Can you see me? ask the little frog



7. Inter-active zoo – Get up-close and personal with your favorite zoo animals!

At first, I was hesitant to try the parrot ride at Conan’s shoulders, but after trying it myself I think he can do it too! Quite afraid but he loved the experience!

Me saying to this creature – “Stand still! haha!”


See how happy Conan is feeding the amiable zebra!

You can get up-close to the pony but still be careful not to stand behind

Hello Guests! this ostrich seem to say! Look at how cute she smiled at the camera. Photo credits to my daughter @juliennecolene

This is the area where the ponies and goats freely roam. Encased are the zebras and ostriches.

8. Museum – Here you will see the vast collection of Mr. Yoki’s Buddha sculptures and other interesting finds. He loves collecting antique made of bronze and brass sculptures. Among his collections are pieces of sculptures depicting some god/goddesses from other lands. There are I think a thousand collections of ceramics, porcelains, Buddha sculptures, Egyptian statues, bronze wares, jade model ships, vases of all types, and other interesting items including SULTAN (A head sculpture which seemed to open its eyes at night). There are also other items like old telephones, typewriters, and creepy things too! He also have a collection of wine and liquor bottles. Good thing Marie Kondo is not trending at the time, or else we might not be enjoying these collections. It is as if Mr. Yoki wouldn’t want to throw anything and that made it into this huge court of antique collections. I thought I might find the dragon statue here, lol! Pls. check out my fb page for more photos Diaries of a Transport Queen

You will be welcomed by the biggest laughing Buddha in the Philippines


god/goddessYokis farm

Green Jade Dragon Boat
Green Jade Dragon Boat

Bronze collections

collection of typewriters
I was surprised to see a collection of typewriters too!

9. Accommodation – To complete your farm experience, you can check in at any of their available rooms. The rooms are clean, and with an old look homey feel. Check out the room that is most convenient for you or your family. All rooms are inclusive of breakfast and farm tours. 

TWIN/DOUBLE Rate: P4,500 good for 2 inclusive of breakfast

Premiere room
Premiere good for 4 persons, Rate: P7,200 inclusive of breakfast

family room

Family room, Rate: P9,000 good for 5 inclusive of breakfast

swimming pool
Swimming pool for guests with accommodation

room rates
Contact them at the numbers posted here

10. Farm to table restaurant – I love the concept from the restaurant interior and of course the farm to table concept of food preparation. Freshly picked vegetables will be served. Staffs are all friendly and will ask you from time to time if you need anything else. We also loved the big servings of their dishes. 

All day breakfast restaurant
Dining area of their farm to table restaurant.

Yoki’s Signature SaladFreshly picked vegetable salad with mulberry and edible fruit . This salad would be much better if the dressing weren’t mixed at the time of serving. It cooked the lettuce which lessened its crispiness. Also, it is great if there’s a choice for other type of dressing like the famous TID or Ceasar’s. I love the generous addition of mulberry fruits.

vegetable salad
Yoki’s Signature Salad P290, the bowl is big good for the whole family to enjoy

American Breakfast – Generously served soft scrambled egg, sausage, bacon, grilled tomato, and sliced toast. This plate is too big and can fill up good for 2 persons. I love the sausage and bacon!

American Breakfast

American Breakfast – Sausage, bacon, tomatoes and egg sandwich, P320

Mediterranean Chicken Skewers – grilled chicken, onion, bell pepper, garlic yoghurt sauce, pita bread or buttered rice

Mediterranean chicken skewers
Mediterranean chicken skewers P295

Mushroom Arugula – white sauce, shitake mushrooms, button mushrooms, arugula. Arugula is a popular vegetable and salad ingredient that is full of nitrate and very good for your health – Medical News Today. It was my first time to try a very healthy pizza like this, the sauce is yummy and offers a different taste to your palate.

Mushroom Arugula P325

Tenderloin Beef Tapa – homemade beef tenderloin tapa, fried egg, garlic rice, salted egg and tomato relish. This dish is a YES for me! I love the softness of the beef and the sauce it’s a twist to the usual beef tapa.

beef tapa
Tenderloin Beef Tapa P290

Parmesan Crusted Fish Fillet – white fish, dill cream sauce, garlic tomato quinoa, French beans

fish fillet
Parmesan Crusted Fish Fillet P290

Beef Kebab – tenderloin beef, onion, bell pepper, garlic yoghurt sauce, buttered rice

Beef Kebab
Beef Kebab P295

DRINKS – If you are a fan of vegetables you better try the basil lemonade and pipino calamansi. I tried the Pipino Calamansi Fresca and the taste was more of cucumber, I hope they can improve on this one by balancing the calamansi with the cucumber. The strawberry yogurt was a refreshing treat.

From left to right – Pipino Calamansi Fresca P85, Basil Lemonade P85 and Strawberry yoghurt smoothie P185

Have a coffee or two at this garden table

all day breakfast restaurant
Restaurant crews were stationed here

11.  Landscapes – Enjoy taking photo ops at their green landscapes

Of course, what do kids love but to run and run!

jump shot
In this side of the landscape, is a wooden fence overlooking trees and vast grass greeneries. We thought of having a jump shot! We had fun trying to have a good shot!


Japanese inspired parks perfect for your photo ops

Tired of walking from the tour? then take some time to sit and relax at this Japanese inspired mini park

12.  Playground

Time to play!

Happy at play!

Yoki’s Farm Farm Rates


The Farm Table Menu

photo grabbed from Yoki’s fb page

photo grabbed from Yoki’s fb page

The Transport Queen Experience

We enjoyed our tour with the assistance of tour guide Ms. Katherine, who cheerfully answered all our queries during our farm tour.

tour guide
Our Tour guide for the day

Comparing to those we have seen so far, this one is the biggest plus there are variety of things you can see aside from vegetation alone. The collection of animals are also interesting and we noticed that there are no unusual smell which is common in some farms. Their farms are well kept, clean and not smelly. The animals seem to be taken care of properly. The ponies though as mini as they seem still should be tied to a tree when guests are roaming, during our visit one of the male ponies went on to one of the female (of course, we got scared). But the staffs handled it all fairly well. It was a pleasant experience for adults and kids alike to get a close encounter with the animals, feel their environment and get to know more about them. My little kid loved the farm, he also loved running on the landscapes and jumping here and there. He really loved the visit that we find it difficult to get him to say goodbye to the place, ha! ha!

I enjoyed looking at the vegetation, in some farms I’ve visited there are only the same types of vegetables like lettuce, basil and some herbs. Here at Yoki’s there’s a wide variety of vegetables they grow which includes ampalaya which I seldom see at other farms we visited.  I saw some tomatoes and cucumbers falling off the ground and unharvested, I wish they do something about it to prevent the foods from being wasted.I love art and sculptures, and their museum out beaten all the museum we visited comparing to Bencab and Orlina Museum, they have an awesome collection of brass sculptures from different cultures.  We suggested though to put labels in the collection so we can know where those came from, from what era, if it’s antique or just replica.

child at play

Plus, you can feel the personal touch of the owner, the collections speaks of the owners rich love for sculpture and history, the vast love for his collections which was kept and continued on by his son. It was really an awesome experience!

Yoki’s farm is highly recommended for kids and kids at heart. For educational tours, and those who want to learn hydroponics farming. You can be a Farmer for the day for just P1,500! I would definitely wanted to be back at Yoki’s Farm!


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yokis farm

A day at Yoki’s Farm with The Happy Tandem @standoutconan

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Disclosure: Our food and farm tour was sponsored by Yoki’s Farm. However, I wrote this article with full honest opinion. 

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Yoki's Farm

Museo Orlina – A Virtual Tour

It was a fine Saturday, and our family decided for a quick get-away to Tagaytay. I was thinking of places we haven’t visited yet, and finally decided to check out Museo Orlina – which I’ve been seeing mostly in google searches for places to visit in Tagaytay. Finally, we arrived.

It was a 30-minute drive from Gen. Trias going to Museo Orlina in Tagaytay. You could easily find the place using Google Map or Waze. The road leading to Museo Orlina is steep, so better be careful esp. those with vehicles.

Museo Orlina is a former residence of the internationally acclaimed Artist/Sculptor Ramon Orlina. It was one his dreams which finally came true to have a museum of his artworks. The building design itself is an artwork and once you get inside numerous glass sculptures will greet you.

My husband asked me “I think your getting fond of art these days?” After featuring the carvings of Paete with ice, wood, and fruit as mediums now I get to see Glass Sculptures. Once inside, we instantly recalled the Bencab Museum of Baguio City. One can compare the almost identical ambiance of the building and the garden. But the main difference is the medium or instrument used to display the art.

Museo Orlina’s glass display is very UNIQUE & AMAZING. I instantly thought of having one these pieces as a piece of furniture, a design maybe on the living room or on the bedroom. One can relate the artwork and can actually use for everyday living since the artwork designs are minimalist and modern.

Let me take you to a virtual tour!


museo orlina
Replica of the 1976 original glass sculpture

museo orlina

museo orlina

museo orlina

museo orlina

museo orlina

museo orlina

museo orlina

The Sculpture Garden


  • Tuesdays to Sundays (Closed on Mondays, Christmas Day and New Year’s Day)
  • 10am to 6pm


  • Adults and Professionals P100
  • PWD, Senior Citizens, Students with Valid ID P80


📌Hollywood Subdivision Road, Brgy. Tolentino East, Tagaytay City 📌Landline: (046) 413.2581
📌Mobile: 0906.434.0862 📌Email:

The Transport Queen’s Experience:

Location: 👸👸👸👸👸

Ambiance: 👸👸👸👸👸

Things to see: 👸👸👸👸

Things to do: 👸👸👸

Price: 👸👸👸👸

Recommendation: Over all visiting the Museo Orlina can be a real family bonding experience. The only thing that we were not able to do is the interactive activity as shown in the brochure. Some parts of the art galleries are closed for renovation or cleaning I guess. The Cafe is also closed at this time. But despite of this, one can enjoy the art of Museo Orlina. I can say it is a “must place” to visit in Tagaytay specially when you have younger ones with you.

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Top Things to do in Paete, Laguna

Paete is a simple town located nearby Pagsanjan and Liliw, Laguna. The ambiance of the place offers you a laid-back feel, back to old Filipino cultural days, and traveling around town is easy. I went to Paete for the second time and bring along my Roadmates with me. The time spent was all worth it, here, take a look at the top things to do when you find yourself in this place of Luzon.

Let’s Go! 

1. Climb to Tatlong Krus Lenten season is getting near. Why not place Paete on top of your itinerary? Offer a sacrifice by marching your way up to Tatlong Krus. Climbing your way is never easy, always check your health condition with a doctor before attempting to climb, going up will take around 500 steps. 

How to get there?

1st Option – From the town of Paete, climb your way up (around 500 steps). There are guided rails along the way, but climbing is never easy since there is no straight walkways up, steps are stairway type so you have to get your knees ready.

2nd Option – If you have your service car, you will have to drive up the mountain (zigzag roads), and drop off where the sign (Tatlong Krus) are. This is the option we chose, and after the Tatlong Krus we walk our way down to our next things to do.


 2. Refresh at Matabungca Falls – Either you climb up or just jump off at Tatlong Krus, there’s no better way to refresh yourself than to bask in the cold water of Matabungca Falls. There are no private accommodation near the area. However, there is one bathroom provided by the Municipality if you wanted to change clothes, water for rinsing is also directly coming from the falls, and mind you — you can drink it! We tried it, totally refreshing!


3. Learn Ice Carving – Enjoy art and learn art. On the Carving Capital blog post feature of Paete, I posted mostly of wood carvings and artworks. Now, I also tried ice carving.

Ice Carving Demo Fee: P2,200 – inclusive of 2 ice blocks to be carved, transportation and carver’s talent fee.

I got to enjoy  Ice Carving with the Honorable Mayor of Paete, Mayor Rojilyn “Mutuk” Bagabaldo who is very eager to show tourists how ice carving is being done. He is a very hands-on Leader of this small town, catering to tourist whenever he is available.


4. Learn Wood Carving – Though I didn’t got to try hands-on wood carving, watching their handicrafts is a real pleasure. Imagine, looking at these canvass, we cannot fathom how they do it on the same exact manner without a duplicating machine just pure hand work, amazing!                                          

      Wood Carving Demo Fee: P400
5. Learn Fruit & Vegetable Carving – The best food carvers came from Paete, you can check it on google and see their amazing works. I didn’t get the chance to watch fruit carving live because it took us some time to freshen up from our climb in Tatlong Krus, maybe next time I can get to see fruit & vegetable carving in person.

Fruit & Vegetable Carving Demo Fee: P1,400


Photo credits to Pat Mateo.  Check out full article at F&B Report

6. Connect with the Taka Ladies and learn Papier-mache making. – This is my second time to meet the Taka Ladies and introducing these group of ladies to my roadmates was an awesome experience! When you visit Paete, get to meet these ladies, ask their stories and schedule for a demo. 

Papier-mache Demo Fee: P400

7. Complete your Instagrammable home art collections – Bring extra pocket money to buy something for your home. Most of these were made of wood and paper. I hoarded tissue holder boxes in square, round and rectangle shape for our home and as souvenir give-aways. I also bought one for our kitchen. Mommies, daddies, sons and daughters will surely enjoy choosing from these artistic crafts. These are ranging from paper crafts to wooden crafts, which also includes some toys. 

51477522_1470334513097552_7786251047328022528_n8. Recollect at St. James The Apostle Parish Church or simply known as Paete Church – Catholicism is very evident in this town and old traditions are still being practiced liked the sounding of the bell during a funeral parade, which we happened to witness during our tour. You may also visit other big churches near the Municipal Town Area. You may check other information of the Paete Church on this link Paete Church51162310_310250742964211_7337675858250825728_n9. Visit the Organic Farm – One of Mayor Mutuk’s project is converting raw land to Organic Farms. I happened to know that this Project exists from our last DSWD Learning Visit, and Mayor Mutuk himself described how he envisions on expanding the farm. Most of the land in Paete has been barren and needs to be treated to convert into farming. When I get back to Paete, visiting the farm will be on my next list. 

10. Taste their native delicacies – at the corner of a street in Paete, you will find these delicious snacks. 

This is made from coconut milk and casava topped with margarine.These are caramelized camotes, and on the lower right are  “maruya” -fried banana with sugar

11. Kape Kesada Art Gallery – Coffee and art, anyone? Well, this is the perfect spot to relax after you are done with your tour or with your shopping. It is just along the main street leading to the Paete Municipal Hall. Kape Kesada is a coffee shop and an art gallery. Interesting pieces of sculpture and portraits can be found. Too bad they do not allow posting of pictures of the art gallery on social media.12. Give a portion of yourself! Do outreach Program for the Taka Ladies or the people of  Brgy. Papatahan. Our Coop had a paper and clothes donation drive and the appreciation of Paete people is priceless!

There we go with our TOP THINGS TO IN PAETE, LAGUNA. I hope you find the list enjoyable and easy to do. Do share us your stories of your own explorations of this little quiet town. For an easy – breezy trip, don’t forget to book your tour with ROAD RENT A CAR  Transport Service Cooperative. 

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