ALKAROCK – Alkaline Water, the natural way!

When we speak of Alkaline water, the first thing that comes to our mind is HEALTH + HIGH PRICE. The cost of turning ordinary water to alkaline is too much for ordinary people to avail. Thus, even after learning the health benefits of alkaline, sad to say, we tend to neglect it and go back to just drinking any other water available — distilled, or purified. Unless we acquire a very serious disease most often than not, that’s the only time we consider alkaline water.

ALKAROCK By Gift of Nature


The “alkaline” in alkaline water refers to its pH level. The pH level is a number that measures how acidic or alkaline a substance is on a scale of 0 to 14. For example, something with a pH of 1 would be very acidic and something with a pH of 13 would be very alkaline. Alkaline water has a higher pH level than regular drinking water. Because of this, some advocates of alkaline water believe it can neutralize the acid in your body. Normal drinking water generally has a neutral pH of 7. Alkaline water typically has a pH of 8 or 9. However, pH alone isn’t enough to impart substantial alkalinity to water. Alkaline water must also contain alkaline minerals and negative oxidation reduction potential (ORP). ORP is the ability of water to act as a pro- or antioxidant. The more negative the ORP value, the more antioxidizing it is.” – Reference


Sources of Alkaline Water

The most common source of Alkaline water in the market, those bought from the bottle or mineral water station were chemically processed. They use the science of “electrolysis” using an ionizer. An ionizer is a machine that uses electricity to separate molecules in the water – identifying it as acidic or alkaline. The water quality of the original source, must be tested for contaminants before using the ionizer. Some water companies use hydrogen flask or cups.

The fruits listed in the tumbler are all natural way of producing alkaline water, but a combination of both is costly on the budget as you have to buy fruits on a daily basis

Benefits of Alkaline Water

Drinking alkaline water is generally considered safe since it contains natural minerals. Here are among the benefits of drinking alkaline water:

Detoxify your body to remove normal acidic waste products accumulated daily, plus remove toxins accumulated in your body from your environment, prescription drugs, unnatural foods and from the “normal” process of aging. Acid wastes collected in the body can lead to more serious health conditions. Drinking alkaline water daily can neutralize the acidity and wash acid waste products from cells and tissues.

Hydrate your body: this is basic to maintain or regain optimum health. During ionization your alkaline water filter forms your water into micro clusters that are more easily absorbed at the cellular levels thus “super hydrating” your body.

drink water

Alkaline water acts as an antioxidant, scavenging for and neutralizing harmful free radicals. Because alkaline water has the ability to give up electrons, it can effectively neutralize and block free-radical damage to the body. Ionized alkaline water seeks out free radicals and converts them into oxygen which your body can use for energy production and tissue oxygenation. Cancer and most other illnesses cannot survive in an oxygenated, alkaline environment.

Alkaline water helps balance the body’s pH, which tends to be acidic because of our high acid food diet, stress and exposure to environmental toxins such as smog. Alkalize your body pH from acidic to alkaline pH, because cancer and many other illnesses cannot live in alkaline environments. Alkaline is the “normal” state of healthy persons.ENHANCE YOUR IMMUNE SYSTEM
Enhance your immune system to maximize your body’s ability to fight off disease and heal itself.


  • Weight Reduction
  • Lowers Cholesterol
  • Balance sleeping disorders thus relieving stress
  • Lowers acid in the blood
  • Improves the condition of body organs such as heart,lungs,bones,brain and other organs
  • Reduces the risk of ulcer
  • Improves hormonal imbalance
  • anti-aging properties (via liquid antioxidants that absorb more quickly into the human body)
  • colon-cleansing properties
  • immune system support
  • hydration, skin health, and other detoxifying properties
  • cancer resistance


ALKAROCK – Is the brand, the flagship product of Gift of Nature’s project by ROADRACTSC.

ALKAROCK is made of natural alkaline rocks, the SAFEST WAY TO ALKALIZE water since it does not use machine. Water naturally turns to alkaline since water passes over rocks – like springs – which picks up its mineral thus increasing its alkaline level. (


ALKAROCK is classified as food grade. It passed thru SGS Certification. SGS is the world’s leading inspection, verification, testing and certification company. It does not need FDA since the rocks is not intended for consumption.

ALKAROCK naturally brings back the minerals into the purified water. Upon various testing, purified and distilled water contains 0% mineral. It is safe to drink but it is no longer has nutritious values good for the body. Thus, alkarock, brings back the minerals naturally.

ALKAROCK lasts for at least 3 years

Reaction of water to ALKAROCK, based on testings done

  • pH – 9.7 (Result after 1 hour of submerging into purified water)
  • Total dissolved solids – 18mg/L
  • Total Hardness – 12mg/L
  • Chloride – Not detected
  • Sulfate – Not detected
  • Natural minerals – calcium and magnesium

Our body is composed of 70% water, thus we need to power up the water in our body. The opposite of alkaline is acidity, an acidic body is proven to be hazardous and prone to various diseases. Please refer to videos and researches online.


1.Open the pouch wash alkaline rocks with purified water, you may also choose to sterilize the rocks on your first use.
2.Put into tumbler or pitcher fill in with purified water (you can use up to 1 liter of purified water per 100 grams)
3.Wait for 2 to 3 hours to alkaine the water. (you can also leave it overnight to have a higher ph)
4.Drink water
5.Wash alkaline rocks together with your water container every after use.
Use only purified water.

TRY ALKAROCK for only P1,000/100 gram pouch



For more information on how to buy and use ALKAROCK, please contact the ff:

Contact Gift of Nature ALKAROCK Dealers

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HAPEE Kiddie! Make Brush Time Happy Time!

Are you having difficulty getting your child brush their teeth? Worry no more, because just like Conan, make brushing time a HAPEE Time with HAPEE Kiddie Toothpaste!

Since Conan was just about 2, I didn’t have difficulty with brushing his teeth because of the yummy flavors of HAPEE Kiddie Toothpaste! Plus, its formulated to help fight cavities just the way an adult toothpaste will do!

Brushing is fun with Hapee Kiddie Toothpaste! It has the right amount of fluoride to take care of your kids’ teeth. Available in different flavors to make your child look forward to brushing their teeth! Brushing is a perfect bonding time too!

hapee kiddie

Hapee Kiddie toothpaste 50mL is available in 6 different flavors:
📌Hapee Kiddie Tutti Frutti Twist
📌Hapee Kiddie Strawberry Bloom
📌Hapee Kiddie Apple Crunch
📌Hapee Kiddie Orange Squeeze
📌Hapee Kiddie Juicy Grapes 📌Hapee Kiddie Cookies & Cream Ahoy

hapee kiddie

hapee kiddie

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WATCH my son’s precious reaction in this video.

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TheoBroma Cocoa Food Drink – Product Review

I can’t believe when my hubby handed me this bottle and said immediately “this is worth P500.” He even googled the price to confirm the price his friend told him. After getting the bottle from him, I checked the label for the ingredients (to justify the price). But the bottle clearly says it “Powdered Cacao Food Drink!.”

So what’s in the bottle?

Although mainly cultivated for food use, cacao also has medicinal uses. It is used to stimulate the nervous system, lower blood pressure, dilates the coronary arteries, and soothes and softens damaged skin. It is also used against anemia, angina, bruises, chapped skin and burns, diarrhea, and leprosy spots.- Wikepedia

TheoBroma cacao which happens to be also its brand name is a powdered bottled drink made mainly of theobroma cacao. It claims as a Superfood to treat all types of diseases. I checked the label it contains mainly cacao and other Vitamins such as Vitamin A and E and stevia as sweetener.

This is the reason why it claims to be a SUPERFOOD:

F2N MARKETING: THEOBROMA CACAO of THEOBROMA, BENEFITS AND INGREDIENTS. WHY THEOBROMA IS VERY EFFECTIVE? Did you know that CACAO has flavonoids? Flavonoids are antioxidants also found in tea, grapes and berries, and they improve health and even help prevent cancer as well as brain ailments such as Alzheimer’s disease. Raw Cacao, (nibs or powder) contain more flavonoids than refined milk chocolate, but among chocolate candy, the dark chocolate versions are the most flavonoid-rich. So better yet, try the best product with flavonoids! Our one and only Theobroma Super Food! 👉

▶Mood Improver
◀Natural aphrodisiac
▶Lower blood pressure
◀Prevents heart problems
◀Energy booster
▶Fights tooth decay
◀Cough suppressant
▶Prevents sunburn
◀Makes your skin glow
▶Get shiny hair and strong nails ▶Prevents cancer
▶Improves metabolism
▶Improves digestion and regulates bowel movement
▶Controls diabetic condition
▶Thins blood & Prevents blood clotting ▶Protects the liver and pancreas ▶Reduces the risk of Kidney problems ▶Reduces appetite & helps shed fat
▶Aids in body detoxification
▶Improves memory & prevents Alzheimer’s disease

👉THEOBROMA is made from the finest Cacao and other essential ingredients that promotes healthy nervous, musculoskeletal, integument, digestive, cardiovascular, hepatic, renal, and immune system. It improves overall health by providing the body with all the necessary vitamins and minerals for better health. -From F2N Marketing.

SRP   P500/Bottle

TheoBroma Powdered Cocoa Food drink is bitter to the taste, so I added 1 teaspoon of sugar for me to be able to drink it. The taste is plainly cocoa, I cannot taste the Vitamins that has been added in there. I guess the powder it contains is just over 1 tablespoon of cocoa mix powder which when diluted with water makes up to a glass of cocoa food drink. Honestly, I became curious of cocoa even more since I’m residing in the South and access to raw cocoa is abundant. I even liked eating bitter cocoa chocolates.

Having discovered this cocoa drink which is quite expensive for me, I wanted to go back to Auspere Farm (hahaha!) and wanting to buy their uncooked bitter chocolates *made of pure theobroma cacao*.  I have seen it in  their store, there are uncooked cocoas and also cocoa cookies. I think I prefer to take my Superfood cocoa this way – as a bitter chocolate pill. I also became curious of  cacao’s medicinal properties.

Auspere Farms cocoa biscuits

Raw cacao
Raw Cacao beans

Truly, our nature is gifted with plants, and trees which helps nourish our bodies. Who could imagine that a simple cacao aside from being made into a happy food *chocolates! can also be a source of healing with all its medicinal properties.

Have you tried drinking Theobroma Powdered Cocoa Food drink? Share your stories in the comment section below.

Be healthy! naturally!

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Looking for a business for as low as P2500? Be a Beauty Biz Momma Today!

In today’s millennial times, where child rearing is a tough challenge plus the scarcity of nannies to hire, most women turn down corporate careers and focus on raising their kids and shift to home-based businesses. I myself is an example. There is a lot of business being offered to me especially for beauty products, but the starting package is too high for starters like me. I am glad to find Diana Stalder by Dermaline Inc., now being a reseller is made affordable!

 Diana Stalder’s history in the beauty industry proved its effectiveness when it comes to skin care. Started since 1996, Diana Stalder’s reputation is strengthened by its research-based approach towards product development, state-of-the-art manufacturing processes and facilities, a well-trained and service-oriented team, world-class products, and skincare centers that exude the assurance of premium quality results.

Now made even more affordable to the public especially to busy moms like me, Diana Stalder by Dermaline Inc. shares its success to everyone with a very simple program to start your own beauty business.

Diana Stalder by Dermaline Inc. Gateway, Cubao Branch

I was recently invited to the launching of “Beauty-Biz Momma” business at Diana Stalder, Dermaline Inc. Gateway, Cubao. It was a learning and fun experience to connect with other Mommas geared towards having “extra income” while being beautiful at the same time.


Being one of the “Beauty-Biz Momma” is as easy as 1-2-3, here’s how:


  • Avail P2,500 worth of Diana Stalder products on your first visit (provided that you bring your child and his/her ID)
  • Join Product Orientation Seminar (contact any of their branches)
  • Automatically get 25% discount
  • The discount will serve as your immediate profit once all products are sold out (which will add up to your capital again and will be able to resell)
  • The more purchases you made, the higher discounts you can get and of course the higher profit
  • Get up to 40% in discounts for volume sales of P100,000
  • Product prices range from P150 to P450, beauty kits range from P1000 to P1452
  • See product photos and descriptions at my facebook page Diaries of a Transport Queen

beauty biz momma starter kit
Sample Starter Kit – you may choose any products to complete your P2,500 package

Ms. Dina, the owner of Dermaline Inc. herself inspired us with her advocacy of helping Filipina moms to learn how to do business, she shared her story on how she started and how she also teaches her children to do business. Diana Stalder is named after her daughter who is now at 25 and is the one who helps her manage the aesthetic services of Diana Stalder. Her younger child helps her with the dS cafe and did the cookie recipe which we truly enjoyed eating.

Ms. Dina Dela Paz Stalder, President & CEO

Diana Stalder by Dermaline Inc. not only offers beauty products but also skin care treatments that address each client’s individual needs thru their team of aesthetic specialists. Ms. Dina also promotes healthy living thru diet and discipline. We also got to try dS Cafe, read my review here dS Cafe

Luckily too, I’ve won P1,000 worth of gift certificates as a runner-up for best business attire which I immediately used to purchase more products.


See more photos of my Diana Stalder experience on my facebook page Diaries of a Transport Queen

contact details

Learn more about Diana Stalder by Dermaline Inc.  in the following information:

  • DIANA STALDER MAIN OFFICE – Basement 2 , Gateway Mall, Araneta Center, Cubao
  • Telephone No.: (02) 351-0299
  • Mobile No.: (+63)917-6218468
  • E-mail:
  • Visit:

Beauty Biz Mommas of Diana Stalder Dermaline Inc.