SELF-DRIVE CAR RENTALS – What you need to know!

One of the most common and in-demand form of car rental is the – Self-drive Car Rentals. Most operators mistaken the meaning as “they are the ones who will do the driving service for their car.”

SELF-DRIVE simply means the renter “self” will rent the car and drive it on his own. To simplify – Only the unit is being rented.

If you are an Operator or a Renter, continue reading to know more and save yourself time in deciding the type of rental you should engage in.

To be honest, Self-drive rentals are the most sought after when it comes to company car rentals but not all are LEGIT as we know from the previous news of “Rentangay scam” or “Rent Sangla”. Most of these type of rentals are penetrated by these “rental scam syndicates”. It is very hard to distinguish legit self-drive rentals so vigilance and your very own intuition are necessary.

Terms of Contract

▶️ A car may be rented out for a monthly basis as short as 1 month to a maximum of 1year, depending on the company’s or renters need of the car.

▶️ For individual renters, most of them are foreigners or ofw’s who wished to save from hiring a driver or having to commute from day to day. The shortest term may be 2 weeks to up to 2 months.

▶️ Unit must be “returned as is” or renter must shoulder participation fees for damages. Again, it will depend on your agreement.

▶️ Change oil, wheel maintenance are usually shouldered by the Operator. Conditions varies depending again on your agreement.

RATES varies with the ff. factors

  • Type of vehicle
  • Duration of rental
  • Location where it will be used
  • Type of usage


  • Security deposit
  • Background & investigation checking fees
  • Delivery and pick-up fees

Documents/Information Needed

▶️ Usual list of documents requested to verify a LEGIT renter are the following

Sample only (list varies depending on the car rental company)

  • 2 Valid Government IDs
  • Passport (original will be surrendered during course of rental)
  • NBI/Police/Brgy. Clearance
  • Proof of billing
  • Background check clearance (you may issue this once you are done with background investigation)
  • Facebook Profile
  • Referrors name
  • Renters Application form

Some useful questions:

  • Purpose of rental
  • Location where it will be used
  • Duration of rental
  • Who will be the ultimate renter (you may use witty questions to raise this to your renter)

For company rentals, background check is still necessary. We already encountered “fake renter/potential scammer” who mentioned she is connected to a certain hotel but eventually after the CI the hotel mentioned didn’t have a need for such self-drive or any type of car rental.

If you are dealing with a company/person you’ve just met, or the company have no previous history of deploying self-drive, look out for the ff. “RED ALERT SIGNS”

  • Very high rate offering without deductions
  • Rush need usually only 2-hours allowance time for delivery
  • Contract terms are enticing (2 to 5 years)
  • No office signage or company have 2 or more different addresses in a period of one year

for your driver, it is good to orient them with the following:

  • Be aware when someone suddenly calls and ask the car to be delivered somewhere or to pick-up a passenger, and told you they are company dispatchers;
  • Never ask if the call were coming from (the name of your affiliate car rental), scammers will say YES;
  • You must have the name and contact number of the contact person to whom you will deliver your unit at the company or address mentioned. Deliver units only on the mentioned company or residence address unless you agreed for pick-up.

Below are the photos of the suspects of the large-scale rental scam

and this one tried to victim one of our members by pretending to be a dispatcher of ROAD RENT A CAR.


Scammers usually work during Holidays, when everyone else are busy to do background checking (Christmas, New Year, etc). Do not engage in self-drive rentals when you do not have time to do background checking.

It is safe that you purchase a GPS tracking device for your car which usually ranges from P2,500 and up. GPS will be available soon at ROADRACTSC.

Upon delivery of the unit, secure the ff. important documents:

  • Car checklist (must be done accurately)
  • Contract or Rental agreement
  • Check original Valid Ids, and other documents presented online

*Sometimes the draft contract is already written in the car checklist.

However guided are we, it is still best to practice caution and deal only with TRUSTED RENTERS, Agents and Companies.

ROAD RENT A CAR is one of the leading Self-drive car rental provider in Luzon, tried and confronted four times with rental scammers, been mimicked and used our name by other agents to gain operators trust to deploy units.

Self-drive deployment by ROAD RENT A CAR TSC.

Self-drive for personal use referred by a Travel & Tours Company
SEDAN UNIT for Attorney’s use
Member referral via facebook walk-in inquiry, Self-drive Montero unit
Self-drive rental for a TNVS Company for VIP use (Montero unit)
SEDAN UNIT Self-drive by a Parish priest in Tagayta
SEDAN Wrapped-up units rented by an advertising company

Are you an Operator interested in Self-drive rentals? Have you tried it? How was your experience? Feel free to share in the Comments section!

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My journey into Zero Waste Lifestyle — my beginnings

We often read it in social media regarding living the Zero Waste lifestyle. I became curious about it and started adopting it a month ago. But before this Zero Waste advocacy, former environmental groups already started campaigns in saving our Mother Earth.

Here is my story;

I’ve been an environmental advocate since I was in my grade school years, oftentimes joining school events with campaign on environmental protection. When I was in high school, I was even elected as the “Garbage Manager”, funny how it was called but it simply mean I am the one in charge with the strict implementation of the “no littering” policy in the classroom. Usually, the advocacy where just slogan making contests, campus campaigns, and the like.

When I was in college, I joined Earthsavers Movement then I remember before facebook came I even joined a social media site called “Care2Connect” , in there environmental advocates may just click a cause and already “donating” just by using the site. It was like a facebook where you can interact with fellow advocates. It has been years ago since I last visited the site.

I also signed up with GreenPeace Philippines last 2014. A GreenPeace staff asked me to sign-up with their newsletter and so did I. I also had an account enrolled to automatically deduct some donation for Greenpeace but my involvement with the organization stopped sometime in 2017 due to change of e-mail address and busy schedule. Occasionally, I’ve been receiving thank you notes and some gifts like keychains, memopads and the like.

GREENPEACE Philippines

Beginning 2018, since I am mostly online and browsing through social media, I found Zero Waste Filipina facebook page and got inspired with eco-bricks and on reducing the amount of plastics we use. Before this, it is normal for our family to segregate the wastes — Paper, plastic bottles and the like, cans, metals and so on and once accumulated we then sell it to the Junk Shop. We usually earn P80 to P130 from these junks.

Now, I did research on eco bricks and was inclined to watching Zero Wastes advocacy, read blogs on how to do it. We not only segregate the items above, but also added to segregate plastics of all types – soft and hard, sachets of all types, everything. In short, the waste going to the garbage for the garbage truck were remarkably reduced.

I will share to you how to make an eco brick on my next blog post and maybe share my journey on how I am adjusting to the “Zero Waste Lifestyle” along with adopting “minimalism” and “downshifting.”

You will also see how the youngest eco-bricker can actually do it 🙂

Right now, as I am writing this blog, I came across an organization in Cavite, of course via facebook, the EcoBricks Cavite. Did some chat with the admin, and I am more happy than ever to talk to someone who shares the same advocacy. I was hoping to participate too on their next Eco environmental events as I did at the Tree Planting and Wild animal releasing at Pico De Loro Mountain Range last June 15, 2018 with PCLEDO’s Head Mr. Alvin Mojica. ( Provincial Cooperative Livelihood and Entrepreneurial Development Office (PCLEDO).

As if by chance, while deeply learning this Zero Waste Lifestyle, I was invited to the first zero-waste and sustainable fair in Manila, inspired by brands and individuals who are passionate towards saving the earth — The Good Trade, this coming July 21-22 in Central Square, Bonifacio Global City.

Be there too, get to know the event and show your support in the link below:

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Bridal Cars

If you have read my last post regarding weddings, well here is just an additional information.

Bridal car and guests car service are important items too, add that on your wedding plan list.

Do not forget your mode of transport on your special day or you can also accommodate for your invited guests. If you do not have the luxury of renting a BMW, a Mercedes Benz, Jaguar or a Chrysler you can always count on ROAD RENT A CAR.

You may have other car options that will not hurt your pocket.

On pic, was the actual car rented of a walk-in inquiry wedding organizer via Road Rent A Car facebook page.

Toyota Vios

Example: Bridal car rates for sedan only cost P2,000/4Hours. Rates differ depending on the type of car and hours of actual use. It also comes with VIP premium driving service.

You can also use SUV like Montero or Fortuner, they look great too!

Mitsubishi Montero

For your guests, you may hire a van suited for your guests needs. A van may seat a maximum of 14 guests.

Whatever type of car you will use on your wedding day, remember, that it’s just one part of the other details that you have to attend to. Always remember to give thanks and smile for your wedding day deserves to be the most memorable and cherished event of your life. 😙😙😙

More about cars?

Like their fb page: roadractsc
or e-mail

You may also join their fb group:

Road rent a car

Wedding of the Century – A bridal fair to remember

Planning your wedding? You better check out these amazing wedding suppliers to ease your journey before you tie the knot.

I was one of the invited media on the event held at Century City Mall last Sunday, July 1. We were welcomed with a garden wedding feel like ambiance of the Wedding of the Century, a Bridal fair exhibit featuring the top names and brands in the wedding industry.

Your wedding is just the beginning of a new phase called “marriage.” So before you stress yourself out, check out this list of the things you need to prepare.

The DIY Wedding Planner 😚

1) Gowns and suits

Warm smiles greeted us and the astonishing creation of gowns and suits by Edwin F. Uy. We were supposed to watch the wedding fashion show, showcasing the works of  Edwin Uy, Dave Ocampo and Chynna Mamawal, but they have no show on that Sunday.

I stand in awe of admiration!

2) Wedding Venue & the lights and sounds

Of course, one of the main ingredient of a beautifully planned wedding is the venue. You don’t want to stress yourself further with “venues”that may not actually serve the serenity of the wedding event.

You may check out City Garden Grand Hotel in Makati and check their weding packages ( Essential, Grand Wedding, Grand Ceremony and All Occasion Packages), or try to check Ibarra’s Garden and Restaurant.

922-6868 / 413-0706 / 374-8354 / 374-8355 / 0998-9881336 / 0906-2601336
TWITTER: @ibarras_party
77 Timog Ave., South Triangle, Quezon City
Other Branches: Quezon Ave., Quezon City • Malate, Manila • Tagaytay City (411-5529 • 522-9999 • 986•1107)

+63 2 888-8181 loc 1214 / +63917-5723486 / +63 2 554-3421



3) Bridal Robes by Kim Jao

4) Wedding Ring

Of course, who would forget the wedding rings. If you haven’t got one you may check out Matus rings, some of their rings are showcased below. Their rings are made of fine gold with free Diamond inside.

+02 706 5391 / +63 998 564 8349
5th Level Mega Atrium, SM Megamall, Mandaluyong City

5) Event Films, Video and Photography

Sure you would want to capture the moments with astonishing photos and videos. You may check out Party Studio or Marco Constantino photography packages, and others on my directory below.

Party Studio

Marco Constantino

(+63) 917 112 5566

09052130411 / 09778363258
Unit 1, 2nd floor, No. 24, Paz Street Morning Breeze Subdivision, Caloocan City, Philippines

09950158015 / 09151096924 / 09264523236 / 09173668913
FACEBOOK: @TcartProd
INSTAGRAM: timecapsuleph

SLAM PRODUCTION (also offers Bridal Makeup Packages)
0977-8535181 / (02) 6176792 / (02) 5880590


6) Cakes and pastries

Of course, it wouldn’t be complete without cakes. We were in for a sweet treat of free tastes of these cakes.

Reenzson’s Patisserie

sweet cakes and pastries

Sweet Cravings

yummy cake delights

SWEET CRAVINGS by Khai’s Cake & Pastries
0977-2774047 / 0922-80155913
Village East Cainta, Rizal

0935-9324317 / 0936-3242688
FACEBOOK: Cakes by Reenzson’s Patisserie


7) Skincare for the bride

Ooops? You do not want to look haggard and dry on your wedding day right? So, include this on your list and do not forget to check in to Creche Skin Care Center and try their rejuvenating skin care package.

CRÈCHE Skin Care Center (for Bridal Rejuvenation)
2113 Anonas St. Corner Rd. 5 Brgy. 628, Sta. Mesa, Manila 1016

8) Hair and Make-up Artists

Look glamorous on your wedding day, try these top of the line hair and make-up stylists, you may even request for a free trial.

02-9789801 / 09060679175
FACEBOOK: make up by rose pedayo
INSTAGRAM: rosepedayohmua

HANNA PECHON Professional Makeup Artist
+63-917-507-9564 /
INSTAGRAM: hannapechon

AILEEN MAY Hair and Make-Up Artistry
FACEBOOK: Aileen May Hair and Make Up Artistry
INSTAGRAM: aileenmayhairandmakeup
1600 Int. 8 J. Fajardo St. Sampaloc, Manila

9) Food

Aside from the venue and aesthetically appealing visuals your wedding may have, one of the most important to your guests are the food. Great food shared highlights any celebration.

We enjoyed a sumptuous dinner courtesy of Le Chef by Chef Billy King. The food was great! I love how they prepared these healthy choices of food.

You may contact them at the details below:

LE CHEF by Chef Billy King
0917-8370609 / 0918-8990609 / (046) 419-8190 local 127 / (02) 779-5590 local 127 /
The Manila Southwoods Golf & Country Club, Southwoods Avenue, Carmona, Cavite 4116 / No. 1 Villonco Road, Sucat, Parañaque, Muntinlupa City

10) Photobooth

Do you want your guests to have fun while taking their souvenir photos? watch this video:

We enjoyed trying out this interactive photo booth by Party Studio, as shown in these photos 🙂

glitz and glamour

252-45056 / 09175408575 / 09055669790 /
INSTAGRAM: @thepartystudiomanila

09179936105 / (02)2524056

11) Bridal car

Oopss, I almost forgot this one. You may use the classic white Mercedez Benz or just any white sedan or Montero depending on your budget. Some hotels do have a tie-up car rental for these services, of course at an extra charge. (you may also check my blog post bridal cars).

Still wanted to plan your wedding day by yourself? You may DIY all of the above necessities for your wedding preparation or forget all the stress and leave it to the experts?

As they say, “let the expert do their expertise.”

You may want your whole wedding event to be managed by them:


0975-365-8093 / (046) 489-5498
FACEBOOK: 4:13 Events Pro

02-5074535 / 09989925157
FACEBOOK & INSTAGRAM: amoredefleurph

0928-2998-421 / 0906-5366-182 / 0918-2623-384 / (02) 986-2942

There you go, whatever choices you make, you have to enjoy the journey above all else. Stick to a planned budget, and talk with your partner on the choices you’ll make.

Hope you enjoy reading as I do enjoyed my visit at the Wedding of the Century – Bridal Fair at the Century City Mall!

Happy Day!

Hormonal imbalance problem? Try these 10 tips to keep it at bay.

For those who have started reading my facebook page – lovestoriesbySunset – since 2015, you all know that I endured a life and death ordeal. I survived from uterine atony secondary to hypovolemic shock and hemmorrhage (full story on my blog soon). And ever since my life haven’t been the same. There are times I became paranoid with what will happen next.

Ok so much for that drama stuff.

Since 2013, I was diagnosed with Endometriosis which later formed into endometrial cysts or commonly called chocolate cyst.

“Endometriosis is a common condition in women. It’s chronic, painful, and often gets steadily worse. Normally, the tissue that lines a woman’s uterus, known as the endometrium, is found only in the uterus. … This causes irritation to the surrounding tissue, which causes cysts, scars, and the fusing of body tissues. ” (

By January of 2014, I underwent a surgical operation to remove the cysts of already 6cm. then after just a few months I became pregnant. The cysts are also a cause of infertility.

Last 2015 when I gave birth, these stitches (from previous operation) and few small cysts where also the contributing factor of my difficult ceasarian operation.

And sadly, last January 2018, I was diagnosed again with endometrial cysts on my right and left ovaries. It was so painful then both left and right. The feeling was as if you bladder will explode especially when your urinating. And you will feel it when you walk (the pelvics are tender).

There are no cure for endometriosis except for surgery. Oral contraceptives or injectables only aids to slow down the growth of the cysts.

Since I no longer wanted to be under the knife. I’ve done research for alternative medicines by myself. I remembered the OB (which by that time a missionary foreigner) told me that I myself can tell if the cyst is progressing — the pain will tell.

She prescribed an injection every 3 months of Depo Provera, and the rest of my treatment I researched by myself considering alternative medicines.

For persons with hormonal problems like me, the first NO NO is taking too much ESTROGEN. ESTROGEN is the culprit in making these “cysts” grow. Too much estrogen causes hormonal imbalance.

Based on my experience through research for alternative medicine, here is what i did which helped eliminate the symptoms of ovarian cysts.

10 TIPS to control Hormonal Imbalances:

1. Drink “the wonder potion”
– Since January, I started to drink this potion and everytime I am in pain (usually from taking coffee which is I know is bad) it definitely helped eliminate the pain symptoms. You can do a separate research on the benefits of these leaves.
How to prepare: Boil fresh malunggay, bayabas leaves, pandan and tanglad (optional) together and use this as your tea or water. I suggest to drink at least 2 to 3 cups a day. In just a few days you will feel relieved from pain.

Yes, no to dairy because dairy food products are high in estrogen content. Of course, there are times that we cannot refuse our intake of dairy food but put it in moderation. You may try Organic Almond milk as replacement for your dairy milk. But if you wanted to feel the difference remove the dairy on your diet for 2 weeks.

Avoid eating food with preservatives. This would also include commercialized chicken. Yes, I totally tried to lessen chicken in my diet. I even bought native chickens to avoid the ones with “pampataba” on the market. Also your beef and pork intake should also be in moderation. You would say then what should we eat? Try being a semi-vegan and put more fish on your diet.

Yes, it is hard to resist fried chicken, crispy pata and the like. But I suggest you choose a cooking oil that reduces the risks of high cholesterol like grapeseed oil, olive oil or vegetable oil.

I’ve tried too many times to still take alcohol during social parties but to my dismay as if an alarm, my left side of my pelvic suffers pain ( that pain that I had felt when I went to the doctor for check-up). So I totally avoid it now especially Beer which is high in estrogen.

Ooopppps, I know definitely I cannot say No to coffee but drink in moderation please. If you can totally avoid it, the faster your cyst will shrink in size and pain avoided. Try alternating coffee with the “wonder potion”, tea or fresh juices. Try these Ahmad teas from London, natural teas which comes in different variety – I love the mixed berries tastes sweet and very natural.

Yes, multivitamins would help especially taking OMEGA – 3 FISH OIL, Vitamin B and others.

When it comes to specific essential oil for cysts -clary sage is the recommended. Drop small amount of oil on the pelvic area and massage until the oil is absorbed.

Ouch, yes try to lose some weight. This is the most challenging part for me since my weight haven’t changed since 2015 that means I am so overweight. I’ve tried jogging sometimes and also having indoor exercises. If you can push yourself to lose weight that would be a big help.

10. Most Important — PRAY
Whatever we do, whatever our belief, there is no powerful to alternative medicine as Prayer. Pray, always pray for good health and guidance. What I do is I usually put my hands over the area of the cysts and as if removing it I pray over for the cysts to be gone. It is also an effective pain reliever believing one day we will be free from pain and will be healed.

These 10 tips are also beneficial not just with health conditions like mine but also to improve over-all health.

Hope these helps!

Thanks for reading, have a happy day!


Products posted here were not sponsored, these are all the products I actually tried and used. You may try other brands of items I mentioned in this blog.