Pasay City, October 3 - ZEN Rooms, the #1 hotel chain in the Philippines, officially welcomed the candidates of Miss Asia Pacific International 2019 by throwing off a party to remember at ZEN Premium Selah Garden. The exclusive Pool Party also kicked off the exciting activities that ZEN Rooms has lined up for the candidates... Continue Reading →

TRADING? A lot of people wanted to explore the world of trading but has little knowledge of how and when to do it. I myself, become fascinated with learning how to trade that I even attended the seminar "Learn to Trade". But unfortunately, I still DIDN'T LEARN how to trade, I didn't make it to... Continue Reading →

Easy ways to earn money from your social media that you keep ignoring

YES! There are "easy" ways to earn money even without a huge capital that YOU KEEP IGNORING. These are from various apps and websites that you can easily join if 1) YOU WILL JUST NOTICE, 2) ACCEPT THE INVITATION and 3) JUST DO! As you can see every now and then I kept on sharing... Continue Reading →

I finally found a site where serious earning can be FUN! I am able to add budget to our family income just by posting on social media. It's so easy and simple! You can too by checking out Popstar Campaign or follow them at Fb page:  PopStar Use this code PSXOZV or click the link to start... Continue Reading →

Earn P50 once you sign up using my code flfjw3. And get P50 too, once you refer your friends on All credits will be loaded at your Coins wallet. You can transact peso and bitcoins too! One wallet. Countless possibilities. Send money, buy load, pay bills, and more – all without a bank account... Continue Reading →

Use my code ZENVIPJEN and get 20% off on any of your favorite ZEN ROOM all over the Philippines and across Southeast Asia.

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