ZEN Rooms and Selah Hotels Welcome Party for the Candidates of Miss Asia Pacific International 2019 – The Transport Queen

Pasay City, October 3 – ZEN Rooms, the #1 hotel chain in the Philippines, officially welcomed the candidates of Miss Asia Pacific International 2019 by throwing off a party to remember at ZEN Premium Selah Garden. The exclusive Pool Party also kicked off the exciting activities that ZEN Rooms has lined up for the candidates during their stay at the hotel this season.

selah garden hotel


This August 29, ZEN Rooms announces its partnership with one of the most prestigious international beauty pageants, Miss Asia Pacific International. ZEN Rooms is the newest home of all the candidates and during their stay, they will get to enjoy urban adventure and relaxing activities like high-rope, zip line, scuba diving lessons along with rejuvenating spa and massage.

During the exclusive event, the candidates introduced themselves, mingled with the media and guests and truly showed the world a glimpse of the ultimate Queens they are meant to be. This not only helped the guests know them better but also guided them in determining their vote for the “ZEN Darling of the Night” award which will also help ZEN Rooms choose its brand ambassador.

selah garden hotelselah garden hotel

“It’s exciting to host the 50+ candidates from across the globe at ZEN Rooms this pageant season and we can’t wait to provide them the ZEN experience that they deserve. Aside from a comfortable stay, we have planned multiple events and activities to make their stay memorable. As a start, we would not want to miss out on the chance of throwing an unforgettable Welcome Party for these queens from all over the world. We want to show them how hospitable the Philippiens is and ZEN Rooms will always showcase that same hospitality to each of our guests,” said by ZEN Rooms Philippines’ Regional Marketing Director, Amit Shukla.

“We are grateful to ZEN Rooms and Selah Garden Hotel for joining us in showcasing our signature Filipino hospitality to the Miss Asia Pacific International 2019 candidates. With a schedule full of activities and the coronation night on October 9 coming fast, the candidates will need a comfortable home to relax and prepare. We’re very happy that they have that here,” said Miss Asia Pacific International General Manager, Essa Santos.

Apart from the Welcome Party, ZEN Rooms has a variety of interesting events  lined up throughout the season. During the Swimsuit Competition Preliminary Event which will be held on October 5, ZEN Rooms will be presenting its Miss ZEN Asia Pacific International 2019 Award to the candidate who will become the new ZEN Rooms brand ambassador and will get complimentary stays at any ZEN property throughout Asia. And not only this, on October 12, ZEN Rooms will hold an exclusive After-Party for all the new Titleholders of Miss Asia Pacific International at ZEN Rooms Selah Pods Pasay’s Rooftop Pool and Bar.

selah garden hotel
Media guests flocked the beauties at the Welcome Party

Always engaging with its online community, ZEN Rooms has partnered with top influencers and pageant blogs to run Giveaway campaigns for their pageant loving audience to win exclusive access to all the upcoming activities.

Amit Shukla added, “We want every member of the ZEN family to be part of this celebration and hence we are running multiple campaigns for our online community so that they can win exclusive invites. As a thankful gesture, we are also extending the invites to our influencers who have always supported us thoroughly. So make sure you follow us @zenroomsph (both FB and Instagram) to be a part of our exclusive giveaways and events!”

selah garden hotel

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See  list of Miss Asia Pacific International 2019 Candidates here 

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Learn to Trade – Hassle free! Here’s how

TRADING? A lot of people wanted to explore the world of trading but has little knowledge of how and when to do it. I myself, become fascinated with learning how to trade that I even attended the seminar “Learn to Trade”. But unfortunately, I still DIDN’T LEARN how to trade, I didn’t make it to the big buckets of money that the traders are referring to — why? because I don’t have the fund to enroll in the actual program of learning how to trade 🙂 I hate numbers! Even more I hate graphs, in short I hate analyzing data with numbers. So I quit on learning how to trade.

Funny as it seems, after about 2 years a friend introduced us to bitcoin automatic trading. As complicated as it seems, learning bitcoin currency is not in our minds to explore, more so is learning how to trade using bitcoin. Nevertheless, we tried and invested. But trading though automatic as it seems also have down falls. As the traders say “trade only what you can afford to lose.” So before you start reading on learning how to “automatically trade” let me warn you “invest what you only can afford to lose.” Trading can earn you additional PASSIVE INCOME. It can also make you lose so trade with caution.

We were introduced to trading via Coach Jonathan Tacad of Bittrain Philippines. I just recently met him in person after months of chatting in messenger.  He is such a supportive Coach and now earns the title Master Distributor of the Philippines earning millions thru passive income and by sharing Bittrain.

Coach Jonathan Tacad

Bittrain Trading uses Automatic Trading System.

Automated trading systems — also referred to as mechanical trading systems, algorithmic trading, automated trading or system trading — allow traders to establish specific rules for both trade entries and exits that, once programmed, can be automatically executed via a computer. In fact, roughly 75% of shares traded on U.S. stock exchanges come from automatic trading systems. – Please read complete article on Automated trading.

Automated trading takes away the emotions and time one can invest in trading. It uses rules and program dictated into a software that analyzes the flow of trading.

Bittrain is a perfect example of an automated trading system. It promises 8% weekly profit for passive income traders. Bittrain envisions a business opportunity that can generate immediate and long-term income for its members. Through the Bittrain platform, the members will have access to the renowned trading platforms, an expert team and artificial intelligence software, ensuring weekly profitability. The Bittrain team consists of professional Forex and Cryptocurrency traders with over ten years of relevant experience. The expert Bittrain team believes that cryptocurrency trading has high profit potential due to the leverage and margin trading options, decentralization, technology and privacy. The goal is to provide people financial and time freedom.

Bittrain Income Potentials

If you are now ready to try bitcoin auto-trading, you may go to this link transportqueen digital money


Bittrain step by step guide how to deposit funds and buy package

▶️ LOGIN with your username and password.

Deposit instructions
▶️ Click on finance and then deposit wallet
👉🏿choose your deposit amount
👉🏿Copy the address the system generates and send your amount from your BTC wallet
👉🏿Click on deposit
👉🏿Once payment confirmed, funds will show in your cash wallet

▶️ Click on buy Package
👉🏿Select trading package
👉🏿Choose any of the package you want to buy
👉🏿Click on buy
👉🏿On dashboard go to trading wallet , your purchase will show there

bittrain package

👉🏿Click on Buy Package
👉🏿select coin package
👉🏿choose your required package and click purchase
👉🏿purchased package will show in coin wallet in finance section


▶️ Open your BACK OFFICE
👉🏿 Go to PAY-OUT
👉🏿 Put amount to transfer then
👉🏿 click TRANSFER
👉🏿 go to FINANCE
👉🏿 then put amount and password then click
👉🏿 Wait within 48hours to be transferred to your bitcoin wallet

Note: Before withdrawal make sure you have updated your bitcoin wallet in your profile

Here is my own account, I have already withdrawn $50 last few weeks, and now it earned again another $60. I’ve been with bittrain for almost 2 months now.


To join, just click https://digitalmoney.ph/transportqueen/ and sign-up for FREE! Buy trading packages according to your preference.

Disclaimer: Trade at your own risk. Bittrain trading is an investment platform, invest only what you can afford to lose. Know more about it once you sign-up at the website.

Update: Bittrain’s Platform have already changed, they are now growing their own currency. 

Do you know any other trading platforms? Please feel free to share in the comment box below.

Happy Trading!


Easy ways to earn money from your social media that you keep ignoring

YES! There are “easy” ways to earn money even without a huge capital that YOU KEEP IGNORING. These are from various apps and websites that you can easily join if 1) YOU WILL JUST NOTICE, 2) ACCEPT THE INVITATION and 3) JUST DO!

As you can see every now and then I kept on sharing and sharing referral codes, and finally, I thought of listing them all here. Who knows you and me can EARN (of course this is not a get-rich-quick-scheme) these are just some ways for you to earn during your past time and while using your social media.

1. GCASH – GCash is a BSP-regulated mobile money service that lets you buy load, purchase items, send and receive money, pay bills, and more using Globe, TM, or any other network.It’s like having your wallet inside your phone giving you hassle-free and safer ways to go cashless. That’s GCash! GCash can come with a card (you can get it at GLOBE Outlets usually in a Mall) or thru the GCash App (download the app at the Play Store).


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2. COINS.PH – Coins.ph is a digital wallet where you can pay bills, buy digital currencies and send money – even without a bank account! You can also learn how to trade using bitcoins here. Just explore the icons inside the coins.ph app!

HOW TO EARN: Earn P50 or P75 for every successful referred verified account

I’m giving you 75 PHP on Coins, the easiest way to pay and get paid. Use code ‘flfjw3’ to sign up now! Details:

Here are other ways to earn once you have the app, including Trading.


3. Lazada App – Lazada App is a digital shopping app where you can buy and get the items delivered at your doorsteps. Through the intuitive and efficient LAZADA App, you also get instant, round-the-clock updates on the latest promo and discounts on your favorite items.


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4. Popstar Campaign


When you successfully signs up on using my referral link or code, both of us will receive $0.25! Join POPSTART Campaign by following this link: https://influencers.pop-star.me?psref=PSXOZV

Terms and Conditions

  1. Share your referral link/code on any platform (WhatsApp, Line, Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, etc)
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  4. PopStar has the authority to disqualify if ever they detect any actions of misconduct or fraud
  5. You can withdraw your earnings once it has reach $40
  6. Watch out for campaigns, and join

Have you tried any of these? How was your experience?

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I finally found a site where serious earning can be FUN! I am able to add budget to our family income just by posting on social media. It’s so easy and simple!

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Convenience and extra income with Coins.ph 📂

Earn P50 once you sign up using my code flfjw3. And get P50 too, once you refer your friends on Coins.ph. All credits will be loaded at your Coins wallet.

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Zen Rooms – ZENVIPJEN for 20% discount

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Zen Rooms the Budget travelers’ favorite hotel chain!

ZEN Rooms offers travelers quality and affordable room stays in Southeast Asia’s top destinations. They are budget travelers’ favorite hotel chain operating more than 5,000 rooms across 35 cities in 7 countries. We guarantee all the key essentials (Fast free wi-fi, Cool AC, Hot shower, 24/7 Customer Service, Spotless bed) and more starting from only USD10!

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