The Rooster crows, birds are chipping, trees are waving, they all say Modeh Ani! Each morning when you wake up, say a little prayer, a blessing. Just like every creature greets the sun as daylight approaches, so we do thank our Creator. In Hebrew Transliteration, Modeh/Modah Ani Lefanecha Melech chai vekayom Shehechezarta Bi Nishmati Bechemla... Continue Reading →

Every morning is a New beginning. Every morning is a new breath. As we gasp for air, we thank God for restoring our soul.Taal Volcano

Let us praise the name of the Lord, In His Holy temple, in His Highest place For the Lord is our strength, Who guides us day by day. As long as we have the Lord, Enemies can not defeat us, They will be cast of into the fire, And salvation will be brought upon us.... Continue Reading →

Prayer of Hope and Faith God You are wonderful, You made us anything You want us to be, Lord we trust in Your unfailing love, That is why You have You chosen us to be Your children, We are not ashamed to call You Father, Because You do not do it that way, When You... Continue Reading →

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