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LOVE feels so strongest for the one that you never had …



Tahan Na….

Tahan Na,

Aking anak,

Sapagka’t may makikinig ba,

Sa iyong pinaglalaban,

Sumigaw ka man ay lubhang kulang,

Sa tengang bingi at matang nagbubulag-bulagan.

Tahan Na,

Aking anak,

Dinaya ka man ay tanggapin na lang,

Ipaglaban ay lubhang kulang,

Katwiran ay hwag nang ipagpilitan,

Hustisya’y para lang sa ilan.

Tahan Na,

Aking anak,

Luha mo’y mauubos lamang,

Kung hindi mo kayang pigilan,

Ilabas ang hikbi sa kadiliman,

Kakampi mo ang panyo’t unan.

Tahan Na,Aking anak,

Akong iyong ina’y nakikiusap na,

Paano ba kita mapapatahan,

Upang ang iyong panaghoy,

Ay maikubli mula sa makapangyarihan,

Na ayaw sa kaingayan.

Tahan Na,

Aking anak,

Damhin mo ang yakap ko,

Sa gitna ng kaguluhan,

Handa kang ipaglaban,

Sa iba’y wala akong pakialam.

Tahan Na,

Aking anak,

Narito ako ang iyong ina,

Ang takot mo’y papawiin,

Kumapit ka lamang sakin,

Kamatayan ay handang harapin,

Hindi kita lilisanin.

Written By:

Jenny Lind M.

December 22, 2020 | Cavite

Dedicated to the Gregorio Family who were brutally murdered, captured in video, may you receive Justice.

My father is a policeman
Credits to sketch owner


We are all given a choice. To go with the flow, and be controlled by the flow, the call of social media, of daily woes, and needs. Or Make our Own Choice and be controlled by God, Baruch Hashem, Blessed be He, Who have provided us with manual, our Torah (Bible), on the manner that we should live.

Compared to living 100 years ago, when

people do not have too many choices.

Our current generation, were faced with

numerous choices on how they will spent

their time, specially these “quarantine

days.” Choices that as broad as what

Youtube Channel to watch, which Netflix

movies to watch. We are provided with

TONS of information to read and watch

with just a click of a finger. Hundreds of

websites showing information on

different interests, history, how to’s and a

lot more!

How about you? How will you make a choice?

Our Hanukkah 2020

Though times are difficult, things were different, we are happy to greet


Hanukkah or Chanuka is the Festival of Lights, others call it Festival of Dedication, it is an 8-day Jewish celebration. Starting December 10-18.Hanukkah is a Jewish festival commemorating the rededication of the Second Temple in Jerusalem at the time of the Maccabean Revolt against the Seleucid Empire, 2000 years ago. It was also to celebrate the miracle of light, where the last oil found in the 2nd Temple, which was supposed to be just enough for 1 day lasted for 8 days!

This is our 1st time to celebrate Hanukkah. We lighted our candles at 5:30pm. Say the blessings for Hanukkah lighting. Lighting the Hanukkah starts with right to left, lighting one candle on the 1st day, then light the newest candle plus the last on the 2nd day and so forth. We do not yet have a menorah (candle sticks with usually 7 branches). We were expecting a package from US but it didn’t make through before Hanukkah as shipments were much slower these days due to the pandemic. So since I already bought candle holders, I just put the candles in a row on top of the kitchen cabinet. I know ours is not yet perfect, there’s always a first time as they said.

The idea of food for Hanukkah are anything oily, plus sufganiyot (it is like a donut). So I got fried chicken nuggets, fried chicken steak, fried chicken marinated in honey, garlic, bay leaf, then flour, baking powder & paprika for breading. I also have Sufganiyot (not in photo), bagels and phrena. I topped the bagels with white cheese. I also made baked eggplant, from the BIG *really big eggplant which I bought at the synagogue (JAP). The eggplant costs a whooping P102 wow!

Then, we played dreidel which Conan truly enjoyed! Colored some paper activities, sing songs and watched Hanukkah videos. Too bad we enjoyed the game that we didn’t bother to take photos or videos.

We sing songs and say our prayers using an online siddur. Conan (my son), loves Mi Chamocha, acoustic version.

So that was it, we survived Day 1! We have 7 more days to go for Hanukkah!

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MODEH ANI – the Jewish Morning Blessing, Learn it here

The Rooster crows, birds are chipping, trees are waving, they all say Modeh Ani! Each morning when you wake up, say a little prayer, a blessing. Just like every creature greets the sun as daylight approaches, so we do thank our Creator.

In Hebrew Transliteration,

Modeh/Modah Ani Lefanecha

Melech chai vekayom

Shehechezarta Bi Nishmati


Raba Emunatecha


Pasasalamat ang alay ko sa’yo,

Buhay at Walang Hanggang Hari,

Sapagka’t ipinapanauli mo ang aking


Dakila ang iyong katapatan.


I offer thanks to you,

Living and eternal King,

for You have mercifully restored my soul

within me.

*Modeh for boys

*Modah for girls

More resources here Modeh Ani, what is it?

Learn how to sing it here 👇


“When you do Something,

Do it Right the first time!

Do it Right the first time!

Time is Valuable,

Time is Essential,

Time is Gold,

We cannot buy Time,

So Decide, Act, and DO!


To start is Bravery,

To go on takes Strength,

To change our ways need Perseverance,

To get to the top takes Heart and



Every morning is a New beginning. Every morning is a new breath. As we gasp for air, we thank God for restoring our soul.

TaalTaal Volcano

my thoughts…Nov. 26, 2020

“DO not trust anyone more than yourself.

YOURSELF is the only best of friend you can have. Don’t waste your life by becoming your own worst enemy.”

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my thoughts…nov. 25, 2020

A face may not always show the expression of what the heart feels…

Do not be fooled with SMILES…


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Sometimes we are torn between the things that we WANT to do and the things that we MUST do. Be it working, studying or staying at home, getting a new career, rising from a fall, or just being carefree for awhile. We want to do things but due to time constraint or the lack of resources we are holding back.

How about you, what’s your life questions?

life inspirations



How long will I wait for you to be called mine?
how long will I dream for a love that never fonder,
I ‘m just a fan, only watching you from afar,
Though I can see every smile you gave,
Though I can hold your hands and hug you for awhile,
Though I can kiss you each night before we bade goodbye,
But deep inside me I feel something is lacking,
A fear that slowly creeping in,
A fear of losing you, a fear that just any other fans you’ll soon forget.

You said you loved me even more than her,
You said you won’t let me go away,
But just a star, that is shining so bright now,
Might one day lose its strength and soon will fade,
I’m just your star gazer from down the earth,
Fascinated even I am amazed, of being content to just watch you shine,
Even if I stretch my arms to try to reach you,
Or even ride a space rocket to try to get you,
Just like star gazers studying the stars every move,
When one left you’ll hardly notice it,
You’re too far and will crush if you try to reach down.

I’m your dream, she is your reality
dreams fade when reality steps in,
But dreams come back and
we don’t know why,
Dreams change when reality changes,
But dream is the force which keeps you hoping.

Realize that I can be real,
Snatch me from the crowd of your fans,
Come down from up the clouds,
So you could reach me and together we will make dreams come true. .

Original composition
Published at the Lighthouse Magazine
Written September 23, 2010


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