Lockdown Diaries – Ways to kill time and keep our sanity during this Covid-19 pandemic – The Transport Queen

It’s nearly a month since President Duterte declared the “Enhanced Community Quarantine or ECQ” across Luzon. Lockdown is a common term being used by other countries. Leaving the majority clueless that “Staying at home” is easily said than done. Boredom surely strikes.

I have been a stay at home mom for over a year now, with occasional business transactions and blogging on the side. Though most of the time I am at home, I also didn’t expect that literally just staying at home (and not allowed to travel), will really test our patience.

Staying at Home does not mean that we will just go lazy all day, sleep and sober over what’s happening in the world, we can use this extra time.

So for some of you who are having a hard time staying at home, here are some few tips or things to do to help us be productive while killing time.


1. Gardening is one of the best ways to kill time, and be productive while at home.

Plant not only green leafy veggies, make sure to have medicinal plants as well.

✔Oregano is a very effective herbal to treat coughs, you can pound at least 3 leaves and extract or boil the leaves with malunggay and Guava leaves perfect for coffee.


✔Insulin plant best for diabetics, if in case you run out of meds, a piece of insulin plant will act as a first aid..the leaves may also be use as a substitute for banana leaves to wrap fish for pinangat.


✔Calamansi, growing them to fruit is easy, but maintaining the buds until maturity is hard. Throw vegetable or fruit peels at the base of the tree and always water them. Using alkaline water is better.


✔Green leafy vegetables like camote tops and Kangkong – these are easy to grow plants and you will find harvesting leaves in just a matter of 1 to 2 weeks.

2. CARPENTRY – Time to do some fixtures at home.

3. Keep the Friendship alive Say Hi to old friends and reunite via video call. Take the time to wish each other well. Life is too short. Short conversations with friends help boost one’s self esteem, keeps stress away and strengthen our immunity.

4. Finish your backlogs

We often have wishful thinking – if only I have more time – if only I can finish this or that – then, NOW IS THE TIME TO DO IT!

📍Take at least 2 to 3 hours to do the following:

  • Finish pending Reports at work or for your inventory
  • Improve your social media pages (there are new features in Facebook page like instant reply which you can take this chance. Highlight on brand awareness rather than selling
  • De-clutter emails
  • Edit and post photos that still sits on your cellphone’s storage

5. Enroll in online classes

Learn new skills or new knowledge by taking a FREE ONLINE Course care of Harvard University. Check the site here https://www.edx.org/school/harvardx, it is definitely optional to sign up for a Certificate. You can make use of the courses there without paying a penny.

6. Explore different cultures 

One of the best thing that I did this quarantine was to go back to our basic roots of belief which is Judaism. Since Holy Week, I was literally got glued studying the Jewish people, Judaism and Hebrew prayer, getting to know G-d deeper. I registered at http://www.chabad.org, and subscribe to different YouTube channels like  https://www.youtube.com/user/JewsforJudaismCanada. And this Havdallah Song (separation, usually sang at the end of Shabbath). Good thing that they are now virtually reaching out to the world.

7. Go Digital – Upgrade yourselves by applying to various online jobs, this way we can lessen our worries over future financial problems at the same time it will help us learn new skills, and prepare us for a new job after ECQ.



Or enroll and get TEFL Certified MY TEFL – Online Teaching Course

Or try any of the Online Courses at FREE TESDA ONLINE COURSES

8. Or just try any of the activities listed below from Happy and Busy Travels . The Quarantine Master Quiz is a fun way to tick off the never-ending list of things to do during the Enhanced Community Quarantine (ECQ) / Lockdown, hence for sure you will never get bored.

quarantine master

The Enhanced Community Quarantine or Lockdown in other countries steal us some time to rest, to fix our homes, bond with our family and improve ourselves. 

We hope you are all safe. Stay healthy. Stay connected!

What activities have you done so far during this quarantine? Feel free to share in the comment section. 

the transport queen
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2020 GOALS to achieve

A few years back, we are all afraid of the year 20+++. Remember those movies like Back to the Future, which makes the year 2000+++ a very futuristic time. And now here we are, in 2020! Alive and nothing much new except for the love of Facebook and Instagram and graphics 😆.

It’s already 11 days since 2020 started, and IT IS REALLY TOO FAST! So before time captures me, let me list down few of my goals, and maybe you too for this year:


Oh common! Yes, I’ve listed this TOO MANY times, xxxx, hehe and still listing it now and of course planning to lose at least 5kgs for a start. With just simple steps to help me begin:

✔Yoga (specifically for losing weight)

✔Less rice (1 cup or less)

✔twice a day meals and snacks in between

✔Cardio exercises (Challenge weight lose videos to see if they are effective)

2. VISION Board

It’s been years already since I had my Vision Board so as early as now, my goal is to do one. To reach our goals, we should first have a clear goal in mind of how we see ourselves many years from now then break it into mini goals and pat ourselves for a goal done. But, it will all start with a Vision Board. It could be an online Vision Board, a List of Dreams to achieve or a physical board that you can display at home. Trust me, once you’ve written it down, the Law of Attraction will help you achieve it.

3. Start an additional Blog site

Or if you don’t have one, then now is the best time to start. Blogging is really never easy. It takes time – to edit photos, write, think, draft, then write and polish everything. But inspite of it all, blogging for me is an outlet. A creative outlet where you can express yourself freely. I already have bought a new domain last 2 weeks ago, but sad to say still haven’t connected it with our current hosting, then I also created “lovestoriesdiary.blogspot.com” to start my Long, long time project of publishing my Poetry Collection or just a few of those writings that I have from the last 2 decades, lol 🤣 Let me know if you want to learn how to start a blog, convince me to teach 😘


How many places have you been too last 2019? This time of the year, I’m planning to go to provinces that I haven’t been. To know which places to go, I jot down those that I already visited. And you too can plan your travel journey for the year like making a list below;

  • Mountains to climb
  • Islands to visit
  • Provinces
  • Towns in Batangas

This way, you will eye on your travel plan and accomplish each place.

5. Improve yourself

  • Find a new job
  • Take short Courses
  • Get an MA
  • Learn new things

These are just few of my 2020 Goals, do you mind sharing yours?

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Fight CYBERCRIME – What you need to know – The Transport Queen

Today’s digital world exposes us to thousands of people outside of our real life connections. The social media is a powerful tool if used properly – communication to loved ones, earn income via ads thru facebook and websites. This EARNING POTENTIAL makes it also a potential market for bad guys — thus the CYBERCRIME.

Cybercrime is any crime that takes place online or primarily online. Cybercriminals often commit crimes by targeting computer networks or devices. Cybercrime can range from security breaches to identity theft. – definition by Symantec 

The most common cybercrimes I have personally witnessed done to my friends or to me myself are the following:

  1. Phishing/Hacking – By mistakenly clicking an attractive news or post, or pretending to be a legit website once you logged in, the cyber criminal automatically saves your user and password and logs immediately to the real website. This happened to my niece, he didn’t notice immediately that it was a fake site and all his savings were hacked immediately just a few minutes after he realized it was a “fake” website.

I am also receiving e-mails that seems to be legit like the below sample, please check as this might also happen to you.

BPI Express Online
Check out the spelling of BPI Express Online, p.s. I do not have a BPI account

If you check this website, this is so different from the current BDO website

Check the website link

Look at how many times this fake e-mails are coming thru in a day to entice me to update my BDO Accnt.

Too many emails in a day pushing to check and open the account. PS. I don”t have a BDO accnt linked to this email

Some hackers of Facebook account take over to your entire FB account pretends to be you and ask for money.

2. Identity Theft – This can be done in 2 ways – 1. Hacking your account via fake registration links,
2. Manually copying your picture and name and signing-up a new facebook account and then sends messages to relatives, friends asking for money due to emergency reasons.
So be wary of friend requests (I usually ignore 2nd account friend request). If you can’t help it message the original fb account or better make a call so you can verify if the request is legit.
3. Using your photos, and information to pretend to be you for other purposes

3. Fake news – YES, fake news usually spreads so quickly and more often the victims are Entertainers and politicians. But there are also infamous victims and I become one of them. Yes, I am a victim of fake news. The culprit used one of my photos and attached it to a fake “click bait” site and another photo was used (obviously not me) and then orchestrated a “seem so true fake news which was so controversial in nature”. Famous news headline was even used like 24Oras, to gain more attention. I felt so betrayed, so mad but I cannot do anything but to report and ask friends to report the post as spam.

How to spot a fake news? The news content will be so controversial like the death of famous artists, or sex scandals, or child abuse. Then once you click the link, you will be re-directed to a non-existent web article. This is called “click bait”. You think nothing happened but the culprits may have already captured your identity, and they earn from clicks. Usually they are after to the number of clicks to be counted as ad views and eventually earn from it. How sad though, that facebook (the social media site where these usually happens) were quick to ban a legit post, or page more than banning the fake news post. The bots of facebook should improve in identifying “damaging posts” and should deactivate users who consistently share fake news. Yes, as I did my own investigation. I noticed these culprits shared more than one fake news to different facebook groups and shares the link to as many groups as possible. These should have been included in the monitoring of facebook for fake news. The issue of facebook’s inability to shun the spread of fake news was even called to Senate hearing. The experience is traumatic, its been days since I had the courage again to check my accounts.

fake news
Fake news the headline is the same using different photos

4. Cyber Libel – posting about a certain person intended to destroy his/her reputation. Usually, this happens to persons who have a “real life” issues, posting negative remarks against an individual.

5. Cyberbullying – bashing, group bullying ex. 10 group chat members vs 1 over a specific topic which will humiliate the victim.

6. Spreading sex scandals thru videos

7. Posting nude photos of an ex-bf/gf as a threat especially if the other is asking for separation

8. Child abuse – pedophiles are lurking into our social media accounts. Check videos/photos of your children before posting.

Did I forgot something on the list? Please share in the comment section.

What to do in case you are victimized?

Unfortunately, once cybercrime has been done the damages are irreversible. The internet is faster than the action of the authorities but this fact shouldn’t hinder us from reporting.

  1. Report to Facebook – Incase the crime happened at Facebook. Report the content, post, or the person who did the crime. You may ask friends for help to report so facebook will take action
  2. Report to NBI Cybercrime Division – File a formal complaint at the NBI, take note of what and when did the “crime” happened. Print screenshots as proof, obtain the suspects address and contact number if possible so the authorities can send subpoena. Be prepared though that investigation takes time but at least you have done something to catch the culprit.
  3. Report to PNP Anti-Cybercrime Division – If you are residing at Metro Manila, you may visit the PNP Anti-Cybercrime Division at Camp Crame. Or contact the following Hotline: 414-1560/0998-5988116. Like their Facebook page PNP anticybercrime
  4. Report to your corresponding bank – In case your bank account was hacked, report it immediately to your respective bank to avoid further damages.
  5. Pray – Prayer is powerful to beat the evil attack.
  6. Seek Support from your friends and family – This is the time to seek moral support from friends and families. Being victimized is such a traumatic experience, and getting online again is difficult.
  7. Avoid checking the posts repeatedly – This is an advise my bestfriend told me, since we are in the digital era, we cannot avoid getting victimized. To lessen the hurt of the trauma this situation brings, he said to “Avoid seeing, searching for the posts that represent the fake news, or whatever crime it is.” And it was true, I started to focus on my priorities. Though, there are friends who send message every now and then, I just shrugged and pray for justice. 


Do you have a similar experience? Feel free to share below and let’s support each other!

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How to make a delicious Cucumber Shake without hurting your budget

YES! We all love drinking and trying out new shake flavors and opting on a green diet is nothing new. Cucumber shake is one of those flavors that are quickly turning into a fad especially at “organic farm-to-table” restaurant concepts. With prices ranging from P95 to P120 per glass, and even higher.

Now, I’m going to share with you a simple, budget-friendly Cucumber shake recipe with a twist! Read on…Ready to get healthy?

What you need 👇

📌1 pc of Cucumber sliced into circles

📌8 to 10 raw Spinach leaves

📌2 tablespoon sugar

📌1 tsp of Honey *optional

📌Water and ice

What we’ll do 👇

  1. Prepare the blending machine (blender) and place the cucumber (cut into circles), blend
  2. Add the rest of the ingredients
  3. Put sugar according to taste
  4. You now have your yummy, and very nutritious Cucumber with Spinach Shake.


CUCUMBERYou will get about 4 percent of your daily potassium, 3 percent of your daily fiber and 4 percent of your daily vitamin C. They also “provide small amounts of vitamin K, vitamin C, magnesium, potassium, manganese and vitamin A,” Ware said. source: http://www.livescience.com

SPINACH is also an excellent source of vitamin K, vitamin A, vitamin C and folate as well as being a good source of manganese, magnesium, iron and vitamin B2. Vitamin K is important for maintaining bone health and it is difficult to find vegetables richer in vitamin K than spinach. Accdg to http://www.bbcgoodfood.com

HONEY has natural sugars, minerals and vitamins and anti-oxidant properties. Check out http://www.benefits-of-honey.com

This is my own home-made recipe which I just mix and tried. A faith healer suggested making a shake out of Spinach, camote tops and other green leafy vegetable (all raw) but I opted for cucumber to be added which has an authentic refreshing taste. Oooppps, Cucumber is also diuretic, so it’s best to drink the shake when you needed to be hydrated.

Budget for this shake 👇

  • Cucumber P8.50 (I only used half of the 1pc which I bought for P17)
  • Spinach P3 (I bought worth P6, 3 stalks, but only used half of it)

Total budget P11.50!

I made a total of 3 standard glasses of shake for this recipe.

Want to try mixing your own veggie shake? Please share your experience in the comment box below 👇

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How to make Kesong Puti (Cottage Cheese)- Simple recipe by The Transport Queen

Yes! I’m writing for the first time a recipe on my blog (I usually do just on my facebook page – Diaries of a Transport Queen ). I want to share with you how happy I am when I successfully made a Kesong Puti (Commonly known as cottage cheese, Farmer’s Cheese)!

Here’s how and why I made this yummy cheese:

It was raining for the past 2 weeks here in the side of the world where raining and storm is a way of life – the Philippines. I just began putting Carabao’s milk for sale on a store and unfortunately rain and storm never ceased thus less customers and passersby. So before my remaining liters of milk turned to waste, I searched on how I can make use of it and found myself making WHITE CHEESE (Kesong Puti). And it was so easy!

Ok, here it is:


📌 Whole milk even sour milk will do (Pasteurized or unpasteurized) those unused left on your ref will do even fresh will do

📌 1 tbsp. Vinegar or lemon

📌 1 teaspoon salt

📌 Cream or fresh whole milk optional


For my Kesong Puti I used carabao’s milk, you can turn into cheese those milk nearing to its expiration, with sour smell (but not bubbling). Cartoned milks takes longer time though to turn into cheese (as per google). Carabao’s milk is best!

  1. Gather all your unused carabao’s milk and put in a boiling pan or sauce pan;
  2. Turn on medium heat and occassionally stirring to avoid getting the milk stick to the pan;
  3. You will start seeing curds (white blocks of cheese) starting to form; The curds should separate from the whey (the remaining liquid);
  4. If the curd does not separate, put on 1 tablespoon of vinegar or lemon, add more if there is no reaction;
  5. Continue boiling until you gather enough curds;
  6. Turn off fire. And let the mixture sit for another 10 minutes away from heat, if you think you can make more curds of cheese just add a small amount of vinegar;
  7. Filter the curds from the whey using cheesecloth (katsa or lampin) or a colander
  8. Sprinkle salt to taste and mix the curds;
  9. Optional: Pour in some cream or whole milk (fresh) and mix according to desired consistency.
  10. You may put microbial rennett to form the cheese into neat square shape;
  11. Now you have your very own cottage cheese!

That’s how easy! For my Kesong Puti it turned out very white, though not in the usual shape (sticky because I didn’t put rennet) but very tasting and smells natural.

At last, Done!

Have you tried making your own kesong puti? Please share your experience and photos if any at the comments section 👇

Journal 1 – Minimalist Lifestyle *De-cluttering*

Last time I introduced to you the meaning of Minimalist Lifestyle and how can we start doing it. Since then, I started segregating things (What to donate, to sell, to throw). My husband and I were very busy for 2 days now, cleaning and de-cluttering. And since we do not yet have cupboards & cabinets in our kitchen, these tasks were really overwhelming.

I finished cleaning & selecting stuffs just now, I took some shower afterwards and now at 11:38pm exactly, I thought of writing and sharing to you this experience.

De-cluttering is a task which needs real time decision. It was quite hard to say goodbye to items which have sentimental values (like they were given by your aunt, your mother, etc.). This day, I started to segregate, washed the items and put them in a sack for donation. Here it goes;

I’m saying goodbye to these items & donate to Habitat ReStore: (photos soon)

1. Plastic Dinnerware Storage

2. Canned goods organizer

3. Utensils divider

4. Rice bowl

5. Plastic pitchers (pitchers, bottles, tumbler)

6. Power Floss (for oral care)

7. Shoes (2 pairs of baby rubber shoes, 1 pair black shoes, 1 pair rubber shoes, etc.)

8. Pre-loved Clothes

9. Jalousies 3pcs *From ROADRACTSC Office

10. and others

Some items will be for online garage sale for a month, if no buyers it will also be donated:

1. Microwave Oven (Big, needed transformer, 110volts). This is imported from US, still covered with plastics.

Price: P500

2. Small rice cooker (need transformer, 110 volts)

Price: P200

3. Oven toaster (Asahi brand)

Price: P200

4. Coffee filter (Big)

Price: P100

5. Baby stroller (Color:blue, ideal for new born to 1 yr old babies)

Price: P500

6. AOWA Vacuum Cleaner

7. Pre-loved clothes (will be selling also at my bazaar on Sept 14-16)

And I also have segregated wastes and ready for selling/donation:

1. Carton boxes and scratch papers (1sack)

2. Plastics/metals/aluminum tin cans that can be sold (2 sacks)

3. Hard plastics, tetra packs, etc. for donation to Green Antz (2 sacks)

While these are a little hardwork, just take in mind the “why’s” and “who’s”:

  • Why will you do it?
  • Why donate?
  • Who will benefit?
  • Why let go?

I’m really eager to have these items delivered or picked up by Habitat ReStore asap. But we still need to de-clutter everything so we can donate it all at the same time, to save time & resources too.

To buy items from my online garage sale, please like and message my online store at

Shop at Everything Bunting

Let me know once you started your de-cluttering journey 😚


Bunting 😎

Starting a Minimalist Lifestyle – WHY and How can you do it?

Minimalist Living?

Minimalist living is an all inclusive lifestyle – having a minimal, clutter-free environment is a large part of it, but it’s so much more than that. The minimalist lifestyle includes looking at the way you spend your time, your money, and even the way you think. – tinylife.com

Personally, here are some of the reasons why I started a minimalist lifestyle;.

  • to lessen stress and anxiety
  • to clear up my mind and help me to focus on the more important things
  • freedom from pressure to pursue more material possessions
  • less time spent in cleaning and organizing things,
  • more time spent with loved ones
  • freedom to do more things I love like traveling and joining advocacy-driven events
  • to help others benefit from my clutter

JOIN Me on my journey, and try it for yourself too!

To help us getting started, let us begin with the obvious –getting rid of clutter.

Decluttering simply means to get rid of some things in a place. So where will we bring these “Things” that we decluttered? Maybe, this is one of the few questions you have in mind in decluttering. The usual beneficial activities that we can do with our useful clutters are:

  • Having a garage sale
  • Sell it online
  • Hand it down to relatives/friends

While I tried to do all of the above, I even signed up to various apps offering online selling–clutter still build up and it’s just stock in a box waiting to be sold or waiting forever.

I’m glad while searching for minimalism and decluttering, I found a deeper purpose. I found Habitat for Humanity “ReStore” Philippines!

Habitat for Humanity ReStore Philippines or simply “Habitat ReStore”, is a one of a kind in Asia. It is the only warehouse in Asia that accepts donations and sells it for charity fundraising purposes to help Filipino families live a better life by ReStore.

ReStore is a Habitat for Humanity’s non-profit home improvement charity and donation center offering new and gently-used furniture, home decor, appliances, building materials, sporting goods, toys, and other home and office items. Donated merchandise are offered to the public at lower than market value. All proceeds help fund Habitat’s mission of building homes, communities, and hope.

So are you ready to start decluttering? Saying goodbye to items we once loved is a heartbreaking, sentimental moment, believe me, we might have second thoughts in giving away these items. But we can be motivated if we try to think of the families who will benefit from our deeds.

I suggest you have 3 boxes while you do the decluttering (of course big items like furniture cannot be boxed so please just label it).

  1. YES Box (are items you are whole heartedly wanted to give away)
  2. MAYBE box (are items you are still thinking of its use to your life)
  3. NO box (are items you cannot give away as of the moment

Remember, decluttering should be decided whole-heartedly and do not force yourself especially if this is your first time to do it.

Here are sample of the items you can declutter and donate to Habitat ReStore:

unused furnitures

old, unused furnitures

Christmas decors

Tiles – you can also buy these as donations for only P3.00 per tile

Toilet covers

doorknobs, cabinet handles, etc

bathroom fixtures




Lighting fixtures

Shower heads


hardware tools


hardware tools


Suitcases, sports equipments

Sporting goods

Sporting goods

Pre-loved clothes




Office machines


I guess just like me, you were amazed of the numerous list that we can declutter and donate. Here’s a quick list:

Items for donation are but not limited to:

🏡Antiques & Collectibles

🛋Cabinets & Countertops

🚪Doors & Windows

🏡Floor & Wall Tiles

🛋🛏Indoor & Outdoor Furniture

⏰⏳Home Décor & Accessories

🛏🛌Large & Small Appliance

🏡Lawn & Garden Tools

💡Lighting & Electrical Fixtures

🔧 Lumber, Molding & Trim

🔧Plumbing Materials

🍽Kitchen Supplies & Equipment

🛁Sanitary & Bath Ware

🚣‍♂️Fitness & Sporting Equipment

🌇 Office Equipment

🎶Musical Instruments

🔦Tools & Hardware



👪 Clothes


Please keep in mind that while all donations are helpful, they emphasized that they need new or gently used items that are in good working condition. Habitat ReStore doesn’t have much resources yet to facilitate major repairs.

Cannot think of an item to donate yet? Well, you can also buy from their store things you might need to organize your house at the same time help in charity.

Like these lovely baskets to help you organize your things while you do some de-cluttering.

We (with the CEO) on behalf of ROAD RENT A CAR TSC have partnered with Habitat for Humanity ReStore for a Community Development Project for a donation drive to help build homes for the indigenous people. We aim to donate usable items and collect as much as we can until October 28, 2018.

Donations may be directly given to Habitat ReStore Warehouse in Las Pinas along Alabang-Zapote Road in between DBP Village and Shell Gas station, just before Sm Southmall if coming from Alabang. They are open from Tuesday to Sunday, 10am to 7pm. Just have your name and number listed under ROAD when you drop your donations, we might have a surprise gift for you 😚🎁

ROAD Members may also bring their donations on October 28, during the Celebration of the Gen. Trias Coop Week. Just contact me at 0916-2584161 or via fb page : ROAD RENT A CAR

Thinking of other ways to help?

  • You may just simply shop from their store
  • Volunteer as a transport partner to carry the goods during the donation campaign

Hope this will be a GOOD REASON to start your journey to Minimalism.

My journey into Zero Waste Lifestyle — my beginnings

We often read it in social media regarding living the Zero Waste lifestyle. I became curious about it and started adopting it a month ago. But before this Zero Waste advocacy, former environmental groups already started campaigns in saving our Mother Earth.

Here is my story;

I’ve been an environmental advocate since I was in my grade school years, oftentimes joining school events with campaign on environmental protection. When I was in high school, I was even elected as the “Garbage Manager”, funny how it was called but it simply mean I am the one in charge with the strict implementation of the “no littering” policy in the classroom. Usually, the advocacy where just slogan making contests, campus campaigns, and the like.

When I was in college, I joined Earthsavers Movement then I remember before facebook came I even joined a social media site called “Care2Connect” , in there environmental advocates may just click a cause and already “donating” just by using the site. It was like a facebook where you can interact with fellow advocates. It has been years ago since I last visited the site.

I also signed up with GreenPeace Philippines last 2014. A GreenPeace staff asked me to sign-up with their newsletter and so did I. I also had an account enrolled to automatically deduct some donation for Greenpeace but my involvement with the organization stopped sometime in 2017 due to change of e-mail address and busy schedule. Occasionally, I’ve been receiving thank you notes and some gifts like keychains, memopads and the like.

GREENPEACE Philippines

Beginning 2018, since I am mostly online and browsing through social media, I found Zero Waste Filipina facebook page and got inspired with eco-bricks and on reducing the amount of plastics we use. Before this, it is normal for our family to segregate the wastes — Paper, plastic bottles and the like, cans, metals and so on and once accumulated we then sell it to the Junk Shop. We usually earn P80 to P130 from these junks.

Now, I did research on eco bricks and was inclined to watching Zero Wastes advocacy, read blogs on how to do it. We not only segregate the items above, but also added to segregate plastics of all types – soft and hard, sachets of all types, everything. In short, the waste going to the garbage for the garbage truck were remarkably reduced.

I will share to you how to make an eco brick on my next blog post and maybe share my journey on how I am adjusting to the “Zero Waste Lifestyle” along with adopting “minimalism” and “downshifting.”

You will also see how the youngest eco-bricker can actually do it 🙂

Right now, as I am writing this blog, I came across an organization in Cavite, of course via facebook, the EcoBricks Cavite. Did some chat with the admin, and I am more happy than ever to talk to someone who shares the same advocacy. I was hoping to participate too on their next Eco environmental events as I did at the Tree Planting and Wild animal releasing at Pico De Loro Mountain Range last June 15, 2018 with PCLEDO’s Head Mr. Alvin Mojica. ( Provincial Cooperative Livelihood and Entrepreneurial Development Office (PCLEDO).

As if by chance, while deeply learning this Zero Waste Lifestyle, I was invited to the first zero-waste and sustainable fair in Manila, inspired by brands and individuals who are passionate towards saving the earth — The Good Trade, this coming July 21-22 in Central Square, Bonifacio Global City.

Be there too, get to know the event and show your support in the link below:


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