Once again the L-rd our G-d showed HIS MIGHT and POWER! We faced and seen before our eyes series of natural disasters, battled the pandemic since March, still finding a way to cope but here we are again with a new challenge of rising from the effect of the series of Typhoons from Typhoon Quinta to Typhoon Ulysses. A clear manifestation of how small are we, humans, compared to the MIGHT of our G-D, Blessed be HE!

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If I Could

If I could only bring back the time When your hand touches mine, If I could only hold you once again, Whenever you wanted to cry....

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ALKAROCK Alkaline rocks

ALKAROCK Alkaline rocksALKAROCK - all natural alkaline roacks is a product of Gift Of Nature. ALKAROCK is made of natural alkaline rocks, the SAFEST WAY TO ALKALIZE water since it does not use machine. Water naturally turns to alkaline since water passes over rocks - like springs - which picks up its mineral thus increasing... Continue Reading →

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ALKAROCK – Alkaline Water, the natural way!


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Do you ever wonder what does your dream tells you? Then read on and learn how you could interpret your own dream. Read more

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HUMOR AT ITS BEST! "nais pong magpasalamat ng tatay sa mga nagbigay ng tulong. ito po ang napusuan nyang isuot. ready napo sya pumasok 🤣" -pampa goodvibes lang po haha. God bless!💙 January 16, 2020 5:50pm Judiel Balani, daughter of Fred Balani, posted on her Facebook account the photo of her father who fitted and... Continue Reading →

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Baguio City & Benguet are those places we never get tired of going. Whether you want to enjoy cold weather during Summer or get even colder during cold season it's the #1 choice for a quick family get-away.

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TANAY, RIZAL - A perfect tourist spot for motorcycle roadtrips, mountaineeers, adventurers, and even for those who hates trekking but still wants to enjoy mountain views and bathe in refreshing waterfalls. Come and read on my adventure at Tanay!

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I can't believe when my hubby handed me this bottle and said immediately "this is worth P500." He even googled the price to confirm the price his friend told him. After getting the bottle from him, I checked the label for the ingredients (to justify the price). But the bottle clearly says it "Powdered Cacao... Continue Reading →

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In today's digital and millennial world, there are proven to be a lot of challenges when it comes to educating our kids. Internet and gadgets, plus the availability of numerous influential factors that are hard to contain. Our kids get a lot of information & influence from the outside world which is mostly uncontrollable. Plus, the diversity of each parent's work environment and schedule leads to the growing number of families turning to homeschooling.

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Yoki's Farm - What you need to know and why you should pay a visit. Your complete guided tour to the hidden treasure of Mendez, Cavite - the Yoki's Farm.

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If ever there was a thing that I would be grateful for last 2020 - the Pandemic - is embarking to the journey of Judaism. The quarantine time lead me to studying more about the Jewish history, the beliefs, traditions, mitzvah and everything. And we were just yet starting. It's been almost a year now!... Continue Reading →

So, it's 2021! Is the pandemic over? I felt I have slept and slumbered for a long time. Been busy with home and religious studies, but hey, 2021 is coming so FAST! It's already MARCH! Wow, where did all that time went? And now that the Bayanihan Act was lifted, and everything else seem to... Continue Reading →

Tahan Na, Aking anak, Sapagka't may makikinig ba, Sa iyong pinaglalaban, Sumigaw ka man ay lubhang kulang, Sa tengang bingi at matang nagbubulag-bulagan. Tahan Na, Aking anak, Dinaya ka man ay tanggapin na lang, Ipaglaban ay lubhang kulang, Katwiran ay hwag nang ipagpilitan, Hustisya'y para lang sa ilan. Tahan Na, Aking anak, Luha mo'y mauubos... Continue Reading →

We are all given a choice. To go with the flow, and be controlled by the flow, the call of social media, of daily woes, and needs. Or Make our Own Choice and be controlled by God, Baruch Hashem, Blessed be He, Who have provided us with manual, our Torah (Bible), on the manner that... Continue Reading →

Though times are difficult, things were different, we are happy to greet HAPPY HANUKKAH 2020! 🕎🕎🕎🕎🕎🕎🕎🕎 Hanukkah or Chanuka is the Festival of Lights, others call it Festival of Dedication, it is an 8-day Jewish celebration. Starting December 10-18.Hanukkah is a Jewish festival commemorating the rededication of the Second Temple in Jerusalem at the time... Continue Reading →

The Rooster crows, birds are chipping, trees are waving, they all say Modeh Ani! Each morning when you wake up, say a little prayer, a blessing. Just like every creature greets the sun as daylight approaches, so we do thank our Creator. In Hebrew Transliteration, Modeh/Modah Ani Lefanecha Melech chai vekayom Shehechezarta Bi Nishmati Bechemla... Continue Reading →

"When you do Something, Do it Right the first time! Do it Right the first time! Time is Valuable, Time is Essential, Time is Gold, We cannot buy Time, So Decide, Act, and DO!


To start is Bravery, To go on takes Strength, To change our ways need Perseverance, To get to the top takes Heart and Knowledge!

Every morning is a New beginning. Every morning is a new breath. As we gasp for air, we thank God for restoring our soul.Taal Volcano

my thoughts…Nov. 26, 2020

"DO not trust anyone more than yourself.YOURSELF is the only best of friend you can have. Don't waste your life by becoming your own worst enemy." FOLLOW me at http://www.facebook.com/lovestoriesbysunset for more love thoughts, inspirations and poetry..

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