One Poetry a Day…

So, it's 2021! Is the pandemic over? I felt I have slept and slumbered for a long time. Been busy with home and religious studies, but hey, 2021 is coming so FAST! It's already MARCH! Wow, where did all that time went? 

And now that the Bayanihan Act was lifted, and everything else seem to back to normal - hey, the BILLS were piling up now. So work was back again. We have to keep going, PRAY HARD and BE MOTIVATED!

So what are the new things that you learned / discovered / happened to you last 2020? Mind share it. 

And what are your plans for the Summer? It's getting hot again.

For me more busier life is back again, but I think this long dream of mine of writing my poetry must be squeezed in my daily agenda.

So I'm planning to do it ONE POETRY AT A TIME...Keep in touch! Lav yah all!  

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