How to make Israeli Salad

Once I’m watching a documentary on the life in Israel particularly in Jerusalem, I saw this salad and the Israeli told the journalist its ingredients and voila, I said I have to try it. So here it is!

Israeli Salad, how to make:


📌1 pack parsley
📌1 piece cucumber 🥒
📌2 pcs tomatoes 🍅🍅
📌squirt of lemon 🍋
📌olive oil

✔Chop parsley, cucumber and tomatoes
✔Mix altogether
✔sprinkle pepper to taste

The dominant taste is the freshly squeezed lemon you’ll forgot your eating the parsley. Yummy! No cooking needed 🥒

Very simple and easy to do!


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TheTransportQueen is a Super Mommy who loves everything and anything under the sun. She's a traveler, an entrepreneur, a supporter of different advocacies, an environmentalist and a Cooperative Movement advocate. You can catch her in blogging gigs if she's not busy in monitoring a fleet, or in diff. Coop activities. Going out somewhere out of town is her favorite part of the weekend with family. Learn more about thetransportqueen at

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