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ROADRACTSC or Renters, Operators and Drivers Rent A Car Transport Service Cooperative is a duly registered Transport Service Cooperative. A Cooperative is a type of business registration just like DTI and SEC which have its legal identity thru the CDA or the Cooperative Development Authority.

In joining as a Member, he/she is expected to fully support the Projects, Values and the governing rules of ROADRACTSC.

Membership Fees are NON-REFUNDABLE, this will be fully explained before you are allowed to join and pay for memberships.

ONLY FULLY PAID ON MEMBERSHIP FEES AND CAPITAL SHARES ARE CALLED OFFICIAL MEMBERS (P2500) and those who are paid with their unit Misc fees and submitted complete requirements can expect other Firing (Pick and drop, other projects).

Only if the Members pool are not enough that we extend the Firing to Non members and non paid misc. fees.

Breakdown of Membership Fees

*We do not accept proxy membership, if you will be the one to get engaged with the Coop, you must be the Member.

  • RENTER/OPERATOR/DRIVER             P2500/person
  • MISC FEES PER UNIT                           P1500/unit



CAPITAL SHARES is a Mandatory obligation of each member. A Coop Member should pay his/her dues on shares to be considered an OFFICIAL Member and be entitled to other benefits.

CAP SHARES o Saping puhunan = 1K per share minimum of 4 shares (4000 per year)

Capital Build up o monthly dues P500 to 1K monthly to be paid every 1st week of the month

A Cooperative is not a Club, it is a business and each members share with the capital required contribution and is considered co-owner.

In order to fully understand re Coop, we have Mandatory seminars each members MUST ATTEND such as PMES & CETOS. For ROADRACTSC, we also require attending COO (Cooperative Opportunity Orientation) and NCO (New Cooperative Members Orientation).

Please check our list of Businesses here.

You may also e-mail for other inquiries.

Due to the Enhanced Community Quarantine (ECQ) we do not have schedules of physical gathering. We might schedule a ZOOM Orientation soon!

So keep updated and like our FB Page Road Rent-A-Car Transport Service Cooperative


Salamat po!

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TheTransportQueen is a Super Mommy who loves everything and anything under the sun. She's a traveler, an entrepreneur, a supporter of different advocacies, an environmentalist and a Cooperative Movement advocate. You can catch her in blogging gigs if she's not busy in monitoring a fleet, or in diff. Coop activities. Going out somewhere out of town is her favorite part of the weekend with family. Learn more about thetransportqueen at

6 thoughts on “How to Join ROADRACTSC? – The Transport Queen”

      1. Hello! Pls check this link to join our Cooperative For the meantime, we do not have a scheduled orientation due to the pandemic. We are planning however to have our 1st virtual orientation. Our Cooperative is now focused on converting into a Multi-Purpose Cooperative. We have an ongoing Project featuring health products-you may check this at You may join here as one of our resellers. Thank you!


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