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Definitely Eastwood City rocked on the event held by Jim Beam Highball last November 12-16, 2019 at Eastwood Central Plaza.Braving the traffic from Makati where our shuttle picked up to Eastwood really spelled disaster, but the fun at Jim Beam Highball’s Event swept all our stress.

Literally, it was a night of overflowing drinks and food, I get to bond with old and blogger/media friends.

I was glad to be invited as one of the VIP guests for this event and heading to Eastwood from Cavite is no joke especially considering the travel time. What made me curious to attend the event is to try the taste of Jim Beam’s newest flavors plus the fun of collaborating with fellow media/blogger friends.

And of course, adding on the fun is their guest performer Clara Benin.

Clara Benin
Clara Benin

I got to try, and made for myself my very own mix of Jim Beam Highball

Here are the flavors to try:
🍹Yuzu and Lemongrass Highball
🍹Calamansi and Pandan Highball
🍹Pineapple and Basil Highball
🍹Mango Spice Highball
🍹Classic Highball 🍹Lychee Highball

We also enjoyed the foods at the menu to go with our Jim Beam Highball mix;

Finger foods
Finger foods

My TOP THREE Favorites

Cheese sticks with sour cream dip
Cheese sticks with sour cream dip
 Dynamite - chilli pepper wrapped
Dynamite – chilli pepper wrapped
crispy pata
Crispy Pata

DRINKS – 👸👸👸👸👸

FOOD – 👸👸👸👸👸

PORTION – 👸👸👸👸

SPACE – 👸👸👸

SERVICE – 👸👸👸👸

PRICE – 👸👸👸👸

I love how the idea on how they incorporate the “organic” natural fruits and herbs and diffuse it with the Jim Beam Bourbon Whiskey.

My TOP THREE favorite mix;

🍹Yuzu and Lemongrass Highball

Yuzu and Lemongrass Highball
Yuzu and Lemongrass Highball

🍹Calamansi and Pandan Highball

Calamansi and Pandan Highball
Calamansi and Pandan Highball

🍹Mango Spice Highball

Mango Spice Highball
Mango Spice Highball

I also tried and had fun with the games.


I managed to claw a ball and won a price!

The Highball Pong wasn’t attended at the moment so I didn’t got the chance to try;

And of course, since I tried mixing my own Jim Beam with the help of their lovely brand ambassador, I got a lovely mug which will be my mixing mug of Jim Beam whenever I need a refreshing drink!

Jim Beam bourbon
Jim Beam bourbon whiskey mug

Of course, parties wouldn’t be parties without meeting new friends! Who would have thought that my Shuttle seatmates (oh, we endured together the 4hr traffic along C5), would be my party mates!

Follow them at Ig @margarettegarcia and @chardeekurby
Follow them at Ig @margarettegarcia and @chardeekurby

And jammed with fellow bloggers and friends!

Follow them too at @hungrymorena and Vlogger Eric Teodoro



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