*First Time in Visayas* Part I

This is my first attempt in creating a free blog for our traveling adventures. I would like to share to all my readers our own “made-up” tour and hopefully, I can share with you insights to where and how you can also plan your dream vacation. When I say “our” in this blog that means it was me and my bf, who by the way, made all those trips possible and maximized in regards to the whereabouts of the places we visited.

Going on, for my first post, let me share my unforgettable travel that did spark my interest and yearn for more adventures to come.

My travel to Cebu and Bohol was half planned/unplanned trip; I managed to have a vacation leave for my birthday which makes it a planned tour, and unplanned because practically we have no itinerary until the day we arrived at Cebu.

DAY 1 –  Going to Cebu

Booking a cheap flight to Cebu would require a traveler to book ahead of time, lucky if you can get the P1 fare promo. For us, we booked our flight just two weeks short of the day of our trip, and paid around P2,600 for the roundtrip airplane tickets via Cebu Pacific. As most people know, this company offers the cheapest air tickets, but expect delay in flight (their downside).  We were so excited then, that the almost 2 hours of waiting for our flight were easily forgiven. Like to take selfie photos? Definitely allowed at waiting times like these.

Taking selfie photos are sure way to ease that boredom
Taking selfie photos are sure way to ease that boredom

After 45 minutes of air travel, and finally, touchdown at the Mactan International Airport. We grab a taxi and head towards downtown Cebu at Colon Sto. Nino.  Along the way, I fell in love with the view of Lapu-Lapu City. The taxi ride cost us P200. At the downtown, we still have no idea where to stay, we tried to check the hotel rates and it ranges from P800-1000/night and most of the hotel doesn’t have free wi-fi connection. So, we took the moment to have lunch first, and started to have the taste of Cebu’s delicious food.

puso - a native rice wrapped in banana leaves
puso – a native rice wrapped in banana leaves
Cebu's famous longanisa, danggit, pusit, and lumpia
Cebu’s famous longanisa, danggit, pusit, and lumpia
3 "puso" rice per person to make your stomach full
3 “puso” rice per person to make your stomach full
puso braided together
puso braided together

After a full meal, we finally decided our itinerary. Come with me as I share our adventures 🙂

Sto. Nino Church Signage
Sto. Nino Church Signage
The famous Magellan's Cross
The famous Magellan’s Cross
Sunday churchgoers flock in Sto. Nino church
Sunday churchgoers flock in Sto. Nino church

Of course, before going anywhere else, we decided to buy our Cebu shirts..

Cebu t-shirts form Island Souvenir Shop

In the streets of Cebu, there are vendors who offer souvenir items like key chains, and from our trip they were our cheapest buy, we bought key chains for P10 each.

After we bought some items we head to Cebu Port Area to catch a ride going to Tagbilaran City, Bohol. Taxi ride cost P70. We were two hours early for the next ride, so while waiting I took the time to charge our cameras and cellphone, wow, cost is FREE!.

Cebu Port Area
Cebu Port Area
Free charging at the Port Area just look for an available electric outlet :)
Free charging at the Port Area just look for an available electric outlet 🙂

We bought tickets at the Cebu Port Terminal, and reserved a ride at Weesam Express fast craft, the cheapest ride going to Tagbilaran which only cost us P400 each.


We waited almost 3 hours for the fast craft to arrive and board. At the terminal, musicians entertains waiting passengers. On board, all the waiting gets paid off, ride was fast and exciting. On the open air view be prepared for: your hair blowing on your face; noise from the craft, get ready to be thrilled and hold on!

Open air view
Open air view

When you get to Tagbilaran Port, hotel agents will welcome you and hand out Hotel brochures.

We arrange for a car service who will also be our tourist guide for our Bohol tour. We planned to spend our night at Panglao Island but before that we had dinner at SUTUKIL Food Haus.

And tried the famous SUTUKIL – Sugba, Tula, Kilawin, delicious! I found out that the good thing in Bohol was that you can enjoy delicious foods at the cheapest price. Our SUTUKIL meal costs only P220 good for two.

SUTUKIL dinner
SUTUKIL dinner

In Bohol, however, I’ve noticed that you need to load your bags with mineral water, they don’t have service water for drinking as purified water in Bohol is costly.


Instead of staying at a costly hotel in Cebu, now, as our plans have changed we are stayed at Dumaluan Beach Resort in Panglao Island, Bohol. It is located beside Bohol Beach Club (which was closed for renovation at this time),  a minute walk away from the famous white beaches of Bohol and this standard room only costs P1,600 per overnight stay with air-conditioning unit, cable TV, bed good for a couple and small child, spacious bathroom and with towels and soap. Oops, by the way car service/taxi cost from Tagbilaran to Panglao is P500.

Dumaluan Beach Resort
Dumaluan Beach Resort
Night view of Panglao Island white beach
White sand illuminates from the light of my camera

This is it for now, watch out for my next post — Day II –  Bohol  Tour!

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